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atrac 6 disc on atrac 4 player?

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hello there.


I recorded some music on a portable sharp 722 MD ( atrac 6? , says 24 bit on the chassis),


I read on wiki that MD's, although have various encoding types ( atrac 1,2,3...) they require no specific decoding and therefore a later version MD is guarenteed to play on an earlier machine.


thats how i understand it : ?


I am loooking to transfer my ATRAC 6 disc to my Pc.


I have 2 options.


1. use the sharp 722 player analog out to the PC analog in. ( 2 addition conversions and aditional jitter, hiss and so forth.)


2 digital transfer from an older sony JE500  ( which i beleive uses ATRAC 4 for encoding)but by the sounds of things, uses the same read/playback method of the sharp? but i may be wrong.


thanks for your help.


peace : )

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You're comparing apples to oranges here.  Sony and Sharp had completely different numbering/lettering systems for their respective versions of Atrac.  In other words, Atrac 4 in Sony is not equal to Atrac 4 on Sharp.  Sony went from 1 in the earliest models to 4.5 in later ones before they started using letters (Atrac type R, Atrac type S).  I believe type S is as far as they went.  I'm not sure how far Sharp numbered their versions (8 perhaps?). There is a pretty good description of the Sony system at the minidisc.org site under FAQ.


You can't upload material from a deck to your PC.  I believe the Sony RH-1/M200 is the only portable unit that can do that and prices are pretty prohibitive as they are the last and  best recorders made. 

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