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MZ-NF520D, what software?

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Not sure if this is where to post this....


I've had this portable for years now. Bought it brand new. Have on occasion hooked it up to my home stereo and all was fine. I have not recored any new MD's in years though. Don't even have the laptop I recorded from anymore.


So the other day I picked up a MDS-JE320 at a vintage resale shop. I hooked it up while there. It already had a MD in it with music so I could test it works. Everything is cool, I buy the player.


I get it home and hook everything up. When I try to play any of my old MD's, they will not play on the MDS. They do play fine on the portable though.


I'm guessing it is a software issue? Anything I can do to fix this so I can play all my old discs?





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I might add that when trying to play one of my old disc. Everything looks right, insert disc, TOC, times etc. Press play, ques up and the timer starts. The two little meters do not show any signal coming through. Also the disc that was in it, that worked when I tested the player prior to buying. I have that disc. And it plays fine.


Player shows no errors or anything.

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Your portable is newer than the deck you picked up.  The deck only supports recording and playback of ATRAC SP.  If you transferred files from a PC onto discs using the 520 it would have been in some MDLP (and NetMD) format.  You could record something on the deck in SP and playback would work on the 520, but you will never be able to transfer anything via NetMD and get it to play on the older SP only deck.

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So....download the software. And as long as I transfer new music to disc using SP I can play the disc on my component player right?


I am a little (a lot) confused though. I thought my component player would not read ATRAC. But you are saying all transfers are in ATRAC. Are you saying that is I do not change the recording format to SP, it automatically transfer in ATRAC format?

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Guessing there is no way to transfer my MD music back to PC. Then record in back to MD on a different codec/format?


So if I make a new recording to MD from NetMD. Do I chose "create audio CD"?  The other choices are "create ATRAC cd" and create Mp3 cd".



Actually, what format/bitrate should I transfer from CD to library?

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