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minidisc transfer to computer

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In 2000 I had my original songs recorded onto MD Gold 74 mini discs. I found 9 of these discs tonight. I never did anything with them because I had a falling out with the guy who recorded them for me. I was wondering what would be the easiest way to get these onto my computer.


I went to ebay and found a Sony MiniDisc Recorder MDS JE330. Can I connect the audio out to my computer and play the songs into Audacity or Reaper and work with it from there? (I sang and played the guitar at the same time, so there's only one track.) What do you think would be the easiest way to do this?





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You can do this way but think you can lose some informations due to conversion MD to PC :


MD (digital to analog)  -> PC (Analog to Digital) -> Audacity.

It's the easier/cheaper way.  If you want to keep the digital signal you must acquire a MZ-RH1 to upload your songs to PC but the device is now expensive and rare ;)

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You could get a player with digital output and a (USB) sound card with digital input and record them 100% digital.

That way you don't have any loss in quality and you don't need to worry about setting any levels either.

I believe all Macs have a digital input nowadays but a (second hand) USB soundcard for PC shouldn't cost too much either.

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