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  1. That used to be the case with previous versions of Windows but 10 Pro has all the language packs you want.
  2. Does anyone know where I can download the Japanese 4.4 version of Sonicstage? I need to title some discs in Kanji and the English 4.3 version won't let me. Thanks in advance
  3. When logged in you should see a blue/green download button top right at this page.
  4. Thanks for responding Philippe Yes, I know. I use NetMD for editing my titles but I just would like to see the CD-text option working I already knew not many CD's have it but finding one that does have it seems more difficult than I thought...
  5. You could get a player with digital output and a (USB) sound card with digital input and record them 100% digital. That way you don't have any loss in quality and you don't need to worry about setting any levels either. I believe all Macs have a digital input nowadays but a (second hand) USB soundcard for PC shouldn't cost too much either.
  6. I have a rare CL-RM12PC 12-disc case which I'm going to sell but I really can't find any useful information or previously sold units. How rare are they? And how often are these offered for sale? It's in very nice condition, used but no deep scratches or anything.
  7. Right, my setup now contains a CD-text compatible player and MD deck with A1 connectors. I was going to test if copying CD-text works but lo and behold I've been putting 50 discs into the player and so far none of them contains CD-text (even the Sony releases). Is there a list somewhere? Or can you give me some titles that have been confirmed to have CD-text? Chances are small I have the titles you come up with but you never know Thanks in advance.
  8. I have 500+ 74' discs so yes, whenever I run into a CD that requires 80' I rather clone an 80' TOC than having to order extra 80' discs
  9. I use it to clone an 80' TOC to 74' discs. I have loads of 74' discs and I often have CD's that are somewhere between 74 and 80 minutes so it saves me from buying 80' MD's.
  10. I wanted to be able to control the power on my JE520 without having to unplug/plug it all the time so I decided to mount a power button on the front panel. I can recommend it to everyone who's using their player for TOC Cloning. It makes things much easier.
  11. What do you mean? The specs of my original Sony adapters say 3V 500mA, that's 1.5W A USB port can supply 5V 500mA which is 2.5W Unless other MD devices are using way more power than the ones I own, USB can supply more than enough power.
  12. I wouldn't use 5V either. I have made cables for both regular players (just power) and NetMD devices (data + power) that convert the power to 3V.
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