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Shock Absorbing Mechanism

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This has be floating around my mind for a few days now, and ive looked at all the discs I own (around 80-ish) and I cannot figure out what the difference is between shock absorbing mechanism discs, and ones that aren't. They look identical to me, bar obvious differences such as colour, brand, etc.


What I mean is the plastic housing itself. What makes the shock absorbing ones different? Or is it some strange marketing thing?





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If I am remembering correctly, it has to do with a different coating on the disc itself. It really isn't a different "mechanism" so to speak.

The normal colored discs from Sony say "SA Coating Advance" assuming Shock Absorbtion. I can only assume a better coating on the gold discs. Again...If I am remembering correctly.

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the black liner is nothing at all as far as I know, its just a visual part of the plastic casing. I could be wrong however. Most other discs dont have this, though, but do say Shock Absorbing Mechanism on, so one would assume it is something else. The main theorys I have heard is the coating on the disc, which has been mentioned, or the discs being slightly thicker in some brands.

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