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  1. Wow...Please keep informed...definitely interested if you're selling particularly the 707s.
  2. I have had this happen to me, just last night as a matter of fact. My Tascam would display "Record Error" and stop at the same location, twice, while trying to record something. I actually opened the shutter and used compressed air to blow out the disc housing and I also rotated the disc to make sure there was nothing on it. There was some dust/debris in the housing, and after I did that, there were no issues. How did you have them stored? besides the player being faulty, the discs could be damaged. Just my $.02
  3. There are a few of the B models on eBay right now, but the prices are, in a word, ridiculous.
  4. Could be the amp or perhaps a missing/broken/worn solder connection??
  5. Using a Tascam MD 350, I have noticed that it will not allow edits of disc formatted in SonicStage.
  6. Those are really excellent...Keep us updated! Would love to see the progress!!
  7. If I am remembering correctly, it has to do with a different coating on the disc itself. It really isn't a different "mechanism" so to speak. The normal colored discs from Sony say "SA Coating Advance" assuming Shock Absorbtion. I can only assume a better coating on the gold discs. Again...If I am remembering correctly.
  8. You can also set up SonicStage to delete converted files after transfer.
  9. Really? I have the tools. I just don't see how to do it in the SM. Can I just unscrew the bottom screws and release the back of the player to expose the battery compartment?
  10. I am soooo afraid to open these things because they mean a lot to me. I am really scared that I will end up busting it. Especially after looking at the service manual and for disassembly there is a note that says "remove solder. "
  11. Sorry. Bottom (back of battery compartment at the negative end.) most of the mess is at the top on the battery door hinge.
  12. Looks to be a small blot of green on the contact. I will probably not mess with any adjustments of my own at this point. I will clean it the best I can and see how it goes. If I still have an issue, both of my 900s will be going to Jim and the new one will be sacrificed for any parts needed for my original unit. I was able to get the plastic battery door off of the hinge assembly.
  13. Sargasso. Luckily it looks to be just a small blot of green on the bottom. And that is in the contact itself. It does not appear to have "seeped" anywhere like the battery door. Thanks all for the advice!
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