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sharp portable recorders

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Hi I have never owned a sharp mini disc recorder, always been Sony I have used but as all old tech they go after a while.

I can get my hands on a sharp mdlp player recorder at a good price. Mt 280e and possibly another mt sharp model.

Just wanted to know if they are any good? All my Sony ones eventually break down in the headphone socket I think because I don't use the inline remote just put my headphones in.

Both these sharp units don't have the inline remote style headphone connection so might be a better unit for me? Any thoughts on sharp players would be helpful.

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I am a fan of some of the early Sharp mindisc portables like these -



AA battery, solid metal case easy to use  display and optical/line in  battery charge insitu, mic in and auto sound detect. And mdlp.

no tone controls though. I have had mine years a bit tatty but still working.

You only have to hold it to realise they cared when they made this ( budget ) unit- really solid.

The ones to avoid are the ( later)  plastic  cased ones eg 1 bit amp like  -


have a special  earphone  requirement and adapter ( I have one, sounds ok  but needs the special adapter for normal earbuts and dont sound  that good, seems low volume )

I cant find the  one  you mention of minidisc.org site - the closest is this


I never liked the look of them - lots of plastic, have never used one though. these are very budget ones I think








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Thanks to you both. They are the plasticity ones I am afraid...I actually don't mind that I just need a headphone connection which works..eventually I will try to open and fix the others.


The three Sony ones I have all the same issues. It's a back pocket whilst I work issue I think putting strain on the earphone connection. Will buy them if I get them cheap what have I got to loose? Plus I know at least one doesn't have the remote type headphone connection which for me is a bonus

As for poorer sound quality..no biggy really I pack a load of podcasts onto one disc on mdlp and my volume is low as I am working..so might just be worth like £10..actually be rude not to rescue them...thanks.

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