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  1. Thanks to you both. They are the plasticity ones I am afraid...I actually don't mind that I just need a headphone connection which works..eventually I will try to open and fix the others. The three Sony ones I have all the same issues. It's a back pocket whilst I work issue I think putting strain on the earphone connection. Will buy them if I get them cheap what have I got to loose? Plus I know at least one doesn't have the remote type headphone connection which for me is a bonus As for poorer sound quality..no biggy really I pack a load of podcasts onto one disc on mdlp and my volume is low as I am working..so might just be worth like £10..actually be rude not to rescue them...thanks.
  2. Hi I have never owned a sharp mini disc recorder, always been Sony I have used but as all old tech they go after a while. I can get my hands on a sharp mdlp player recorder at a good price. Mt 280e and possibly another mt sharp model. Just wanted to know if they are any good? All my Sony ones eventually break down in the headphone socket I think because I don't use the inline remote just put my headphones in. Both these sharp units don't have the inline remote style headphone connection so might be a better unit for me? Any thoughts on sharp players would be helpful.
  3. Hi Stephen had a chance to try this and it has worked. Thanks to you and the other posters.
  4. Hi there. I dont keep anything in the library I simply was using mini disc of late as a daily podcast machine and after I transfer the said podcasts I delete from sonicstage and my pc. Thanks for reply hope you or another member has an idea of what it may be...I did do the optimize as suggested to but I fear that's more a thing for a massive library of music?
  5. Thanks will give it a go tonight after work.
  6. Ok so as the title, transfers not allowed popping up on sonicstage when doing my usual mp3 podcasts.doing nothing different what should I do to correct this error? Was thinking of uninstalling then reinstall sonicstage? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. Good points. Yea my remote died years ago in fact been through a couple. I must just be hard on things. Thanks for input.
  8. Thanks for reply yes,was thinking those things broken solder would be easy enough if the amp is gone then that's that unless I eBay another broken one and use the parts. Looked and this model can be bought cheap enough working never mind a faulty one for parts plus I have the next model up plus a hi md still working this was like my for work one. It's now being used as the battery charger my hi md used as the recorder and the other one of these as the player. Not sure it's worth taking apart will mull it over.
  9. Hi any help before i take this apart please, never tried to repair one before. the said model mini disc recorder has developed a fault with the headphone socket where it went a bit weird a couple of days ago, eventually just my left side of the headphones now work. the headphones work perfectly with my other audio devices so it isnt a problem with them. the unit records it plays it works via usb with sonic stage its just giving me left side mono sound, same thing happens when connected to my amp and speakers. the only other signs of wear and tear is a little gap in the disc loading door when closed again from a well used machine of this age this is expected, and surely would have no bearing on this mono audio thing? any help would be appreciated.......oh ive been away from the forum for a while without a windows based pc i wasnt using MD but bought a windows based laptop so back with MD for another round and enjoying using them again.....cheers.... james.
  10. Hi. Its not the MP3 files or my headphones its the acer android phone or in fact any phone to me never sound as good as mini disc recorded MP3. I also much prefer to download several podcast onto mini disc at a time instead of one at a time on my phone plus as I am sure your well aware press stop on a mini disc and provided you don't eject it you just start from where you left of. This is one of many great things I find appealing about mini disc. Anyhow will be going back to windows soon hopefully.
  11. I have a 600 used to use it for all my recordings with either standard 80 min or the hi md discs. I used it primarily in net md mode then used on of my better looking better sounding net md units for playback. Don't believe it's been mentioned but these wee gems don't require battery or power adapter for recording the usb drive on your computer powers them, that's the main reason I used it for my recordings only because the net md units require power when recording digitally via sonicstage on pc/laptop. Ps. I have dropped my countless times and it's survived its a workhorse of a unit albeit not as pretty as others.
  12. Thanks for reply sounds good. But not really what I ment. I initially put this in the software thread and it was moved. What I really need is to get sonicstage onto an Android tablet then usb my mini disc recorder to the tablet and download and manage mp3 podcasts as before from sonicstage to mini disc and listen as before was still possible on a Windows laptop. However in doing my own research it seems that androids don't take sonocstage software and even if they did the mini type usb connection isn't compatible with standard usb used,on netmd. Gonna just get a Windows laptop again because listening to bbc radio podcast via my android phone is crap, much prefer mini disc for all the obvious reasons that we all love. Thanks anyway for your informative reply.
  13. Hi all been offline for a while but now back however on the android operating system. I am really missing downloading podcasts and listening via minidisc out walking gardening or at work ect. I can't see a version of sonic stage anywhere which is downloadable to an android device. Am I missing something on this site or was it only ever redone as far windows 7? Is it even possible to get it onto android tablet or am I living in cloud cuckoo land and need to get windows again?
  14. don't collect discs, just buy as many as I can a couple of times a year bought these 25 old stock brand new sealed maxell discs for £7.50 plus delivery of an ebay auction. well made ones with metal shutter and good thick heavy plastic not the flimsier maxell discs.
  15. as the title states remote now got.
  16. a tad overpriced if iam being honest. these can be got for less than half that price in the UK anyhow, albeit not with that crazy looking remote I want one of them right now! still not sure it raises the price of the 700 to this level. why not review your price and offer it to somebody on the forum as well as the ebay listing?
  18. I do like the sound of vinyl but not to the extent where id be seeking high quality lossless vinyl rips. as for giving you the truth? for me it seems more real and true to the original vision of what the band and producer wanted to achieve. for example nowadays music is defo recorded with a view that it will be listen to on an ipod with shit earphones so the producer knows this and records to suit whereas vinyl LPs seemed to flow better we listened to whole albums on a turntable with speakers rather than an mp3 player on shuffle which I know my kids do. I do agree whole heartedly that the compact disc was and still is far better soundwise, youd have to be an idiot not to realize this, but as you say lost the big pictures of the album art work and to some extent lost its soul a little, even audio tapes had loads of pictures and art compared to the CD.
  19. LOL really funny don't remember it on tv like but cool advert, was listening to queens greatest hits the other day too.
  20. no reason I quess only for the fact that I know that one works on the mzn h600 hi md unit which phones input is a bit touch and go. I actually got the in line remote in the box along with my mz n520 net md which wasn't used until years later when the 600 started being silly. as I say I don't even like using the things just it works for this intermittent problem for some weird reason. the original was just stuffed in my back pocket with my portable and I guess after 8 or 9 years of this just wrecked it. I rarely even use the hi md 600 either but for longer recordings for day long listening at work it has its place. I suppose other in line remotes may work for this as I don't even use the functions its merely is for the connection problem. thanks for your reply and interest if you have one that works how much would you like for it? ive just seen one on ebay for like 7.99 with 3quid delivery or something and me being me would have preferred the 3.49 or whatever jim hoggarths where you know they are a damn nuisance really.......thanks.......james
  21. need the above remote. whilst I was searching for MD stuff on ebay a few weeks ago I seen mr hoggarth had these but never needed one then typical! I actually rarely use an in line remote but one of my portables my hi md one, has a fault and for some reason the sound is intermittent unless I use an inline remote which stops this, its the only hi md I have so need this in line remote, jims were only a few quid others are too expensive so if jim can sell me one or anybody else please contact me........thanks...........james.
  22. yea your most likely right. our generation has been through vinyl, tape, compact disc, mini disc and then digital download so we have experienced it all. for example i remember as a kid, sitting with my dad listening to LPs and just holding and looking at them. I cant count how many times we listened to mike oldfield tubular bells and old 60s compilations and even old 1950s rock and roll LPs too that belonged to my granda. I remember standing queuing up to buy smells like teen spirit from nirvana on 7" that was my first proper single as a teenager on vinyl, I had bought loads before in the 80s but this was the first mature record I felt anyway. my dad hated when I played it on his Panasonic turntable said it was going to wreck his beloved speakers well something maybe has been lost indeed with all digital music but much more convenient and sounds better maybe? still iam glad I have the vinyl version of the album I recorded to mini disc that old sound took me back to those sunday afternoons of mike oldfield and elvis Presley ect
  23. why would I be mad? not at all, love your user picture by the way! anyhow I did learn something by your post albeit very techy for me. the simplest thing for the member who asked the question to do IMHO would be to convert this hi res file to mp3 320, then use sonicstage to put it onto his/her mini disc at his/her desired compression/sp no compression whatever is appropriate. or analogue the high quality recording over in real time to the mini disc recorder and let the unit do its job by capturing the sound and converting it back to the 16 bit or whatever it does but it should still be high quality. my mind only works in the simplest of ways when it comes to audio but as I said before there doesn't seem to be that much difference in FLAC (only for example purpose, as you correctly said there are several 24bit codecs but iam just using this as an example) and mp3 at 320kbps. therefore redownload the music to this and transfer it via sonicstage to mini disc atrac? mp3 at that bit rate is near cd quality to me, there you go my head is on a block for lopping but I don't care there isn't any difference to me.
  24. that's what I got an md recorder for all those years back to archive my CD's. I had already by that stage replaced my vinyl to CD. yes everything does seem to sound better to MD i completely agree.
  25. its not something I will be doing all the time as I replaced anything I had on vinyl to cd then to md years ago. this was just a test to see what vinyl-mp3(320kbps) to md sounded like when the opportunity presented itself. all I merely did was transfer the said vinyl/mp3 file to sonicstage then transfer it to portable unit in sp form. it was already in mp3 form from the original vinyl. my son has told me that he can get anything vinyl he wants online in flac or mp3 file form apparently with the young'uns its all the rage, how old does that make me feel and so behind the times. but why would they seek to do this? any how I liked the sound of the original 1969 LP and it sounded great on my md deck.
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