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1 I have a NW-A3000 and an Atrac3plus/MP3 cd-player. I clicked in sonic stage at make an antrac cd, and than it made it. Later I wanted to import these files again and noticed, that this isn't possible. could you write a decoder?

Many people would be lucky,I think. (file ending *.atp), I could send you a testing file.

2 Could you make it possible to import Atrac tracks from Network Walkman? This file system is better than MP3 I think, because it mmakes files more little.

(My English is horrible, I know, excuse me!)

other suggestions are welcome

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AtracCD is a dead end format, meaning you cannot obtain anything from an AtracCD anymore, and it's only playable on atracCD devices. It's pretty much a music industry ideal format, but a nightmare for consumers.

I don't think you can just import Atrac tracks from a network walkman.

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1 Upload songs (if possible)

2 Better playlist support

If this is realised I can delete SS forever :wave:

Trust me, I am sure we all want GYM to be a full replacement to SS. ALL OF US in one way or another have experienced headaches, and Xispe has done wonders to create a replacement.

Perhaps if we are fortunate enough, Xispe will develope a revised version. Or perhaps some other programmer can continue the work for us. At this stage this is the best at which we shall get. Be happy with what we have.

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