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  1. I have got Vista build 6000 and Sonic Stage 4.2 doesn't work with it it tells over and over again that openmg module could not be registered Gues that's the end of the short life of my NW-HD5
  2. sander151187


    Ok, fine. I will read this topic daily from now on.
  3. 1 Upload songs (if possible) 2 Better playlist support If this is realised I can delete SS forever
  4. sander151187


    If the file is still .oma you can't play it on every computer. Maybe SWEX (?)
  5. sander151187


    So far I can transfer files to my NW-HD5 with it. This files cannot be read by Sonicstage. When I try to transfer the files on my device (transferred with your program) back to my pc, they are still .OMA files. Keep up the good work
  6. about half a year ago I was active at another forum. On that forum there was a much similar discussion like this but it was about sonic stage improvements. There where some peoples on that forum who wrote a letter to sony (including me) and we never get an answer back from sony. I hope this time it will work and sony will respond, but I think it is unlikely
  7. I habe changed the location where the files are stored. Instead of C: (witch was too small on my pc) it's now D:. I also changed the language from english to dutch. I compiled it with Visual C++ 6.0 but after compatibility problems I deleted it, so I can't make more improvements . I am now trying to understand GYM, but this is my first experience with C++ so I am not very good with it.
  8. If you select a song and click on the floppy disk icon in the right upper corner of gym it should be allright
  9. Would be a nice improvement indeed, I hope you are right.
  10. Isn't there a WMP SDK? For people who know how to develop their own software WMP SDK Or am I stupid right now
  11. Yay, can't wish you anything else then very much luck. Hope it won't be that hard because i'm looking forward to use rockbox on my hd5
  12. same here. It would be a great idea if Sony releases the source code of SS. But I'm afraid this will never happen
  13. GYM & ML_Sony are very good tools, but they need further development. The authors are busy, so if you like to make it better you have to try it yourself. I made some small improvements myself to ml_sony.
  14. sander151187


    That would be a great idea. Can't program myself, so I hope someone would be able to do it.
  15. sander151187


    Really looking forward to some decent firmware for my HD5, don't know much about programming, but I think it will be a hell of a job. Wish you all luck you need.
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