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minidisc auctions on Ebay

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I have several minidisc auctions running on Ebay right now.

Sony Hi-MD 9 blanks

HIPCE One Touch Minidisc MD Storage Gray

Pink Floyd's The Wall on minidisc

Michael Jackson - Bad on minidisc

Godzilla: The Album 1998 on minidisc

The Very Best of Meat Loaf by Meat Loaf (2 Minidiscs) UK import

Whatever and Ever Amen by Ben Folds Five (1997, minidisc)

I've got more blanks and two recorders I'll be putting up soon in a giant package.

(Mod edit: Links removed in accordance to rules)

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Reudant, I'm very, very sorry, but I had to remove your links as it's against the rules to post members' own ebay auctions, due to past abuse.

Please, post the pics and asking prices here. I'm sure many people will be interested in them. Best of luck with your sale, both here and on Ebay.

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It's a piece of art made around 2003 by a furry artist named "H. Riesen/Auryanne". I liked it so much I snatched it and gave it a pirate patch (German Shepherds are my favorite type of dogs). Can't find the original around the web, but I'm sure I have a backup somewhere.

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