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Issues with recorded MD

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I've had my MD player (MDS-JE510) for quite some time, but it was sitting on the garage for some time, and about a month a go I bought a portable MD and with it decided to get it JE510 back my HiFi rack.

When I purchased the portable MD it came with some used MD disks that I have been using for my recording, however I am having some issues with the new recordings. When played, the recorded MD, in some tracks (not all) seems to turn on and off the music. I am not shore if this is an issue with the MD player/recorder (MDS-JE510) or if this is Disk related, has anyone had a similar issue, that could give me some help?

I am currently passing the sound to the MD from the AMP to the analog input on the MD player. The recording level is set about 3 out of 10 and the Timer is set to "Off" .

Thanks in advance for your help




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