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MZ-RH1 new Recording Problem (Hardware) ...unsolved

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Hello again

Please read my first topic how the problem started and what i fixed so far:  http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/29962-mz-rh1-recording-problem-hardware-solved/

After the recording mode worked like new, i have still recording problems.
I know my workbench isn't.... but i did it with all my patient i can get in to it.
So i think i didn't bend anything....

Reading normal disc = no problem
Reading Hi-MD = no problem
Writing normal disc = problem in the beginning = now normal
Writing Hi-MD = not working....

Normal disc not recorded, but after i push with some force on the upper head it worked.
So i forced bending the upper head a bit down, now the normal disc works.
format, record, move, pc and mp3 (still i believe a bit slower than my working model)

Hi-MD only plays.
But in the middle of my adventure a short period of time it worked. also from pc and mp3.
I just pushed the upper head (metal bending part) down with force.....
Sometimes it works and other times i tried 1 hour and not a single time it worked.

Does anybody have a solution?
Is the problem the lower head/lens part, is the problem the upper part (to strong, to lose)?
Is alignment needed or is the upper head not so important?
Do i have to edit the parameters in the service mode?

I hope you can see in the pictures how i push on the flex part to lower the upper head for testing.
(really sometimes it worked, sometimes not.....)

I know from opening my "good" RH1 the flex part in recording is flat on the metal part.
Mine is still a bit in the air but i feel a good amount of force the head is pushing down on the disc in record mode.

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