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Internal FFC (ribbon) cable reference

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Sony MD machines use a 1.0mm pitch FFC cable between the main PCB and the MDM.

eBay seller (UK) (As of Mar/2020 they are around 2GBP per 2 pieces from China)

ETA (Oct/2020):


Cables listed below may be the same for machines higher in the same range (e.g. 440,640,940). Check the Service Manual for the same Sony part number in each.



23P, W=24mm, L=80mm, Forward

27P, W=28mm, L=200mm, Forward

Front panel: 15P, W=16mm, L=150mm, Forward



23P, W=24mm, L=80mm, Forward

27P, W=28mm, L=80mm, Forward

Front panel: 15P, W=16mm, L=290mm, Forward (use 300mm)



23P, W=24mm, L=195mm, Forward

27P, W=28mm, L=165mm, Forward

(Above are non-standard sizes, choose 200mm product and fold accordingly.)

Front panel: 23P, W=24mm, L=80mm, Forward


More as I find them.


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Just to round this off, I received all of the cables from the eBay seller quoted above and they are pretty much exact to those in the machines. So these are more of an "off the shelf" part than I realised!

I also got some longer 7P versions for use with the IOP measurement connector on the MDM-7 drives.

Note: For MDM-5 drives, it's a JST SH1.25 pin connector not a ribbon cable, see my post here:


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