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T-Mark and Edit function in MZ-NH600D

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Stuff that's downloaded to the MD, especially NetMD from SonicStage, that is the case. It may well NOT be the case for:

a. tracks put there with the new WebMiniDisc App that everyone is jumping up and down about (including me)
b. tracks put there from HiMD, PROVIDED they have been decrypted first (ie if they were uploaded from somewhere you ran the File Conversion Tool on your database and selected no "Copy protection".

Recorded material is fine to divide or erase, but your unit does NOT have a line in or a microphone jack, sadly.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the reply. I understand HiMD cannot be edited. I was using this unit editing my old minidiscs recorded in SP/LP2 and found that editing function wasn't available (no T mark, etc). I could use a Web Minidisc to drag music to the disc with SP/LP2/LP4 instead of using Simple Burner or Sonic Stage.  


Hope there's a way to go around turning the editing function in the service mode. 


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Oh, I have never had a 600D in my hands. You mean there's no Tmark button? You're dead. It's not hard to get a 600 (no D).

I need to correct a disturbing implication in your post. You (one) absolutely CAN edit HiMD. Just not when it's been transferred from a PC.

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