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MDS-E11 - Mechanism

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Having minor problems with my Sony MDS-E11. Although it records and replays just fine, when there is no disk in the machine it keeps trying to load and unload continually.

I have obtained the service manual, but it does not show how to service the mechanism itself. I believe it might be an Onkyo mechanism. Does anyone know which actual Minidisc mechanism is used in the MDS-E11 recorder?

Many thanks.

John O


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The E11 is sadly not that well documented as the majority of Sony MD decks. (If you have the SM in electronic format and willing to share it, I'd love to get a copy.)

The mechanism is a Sony drive in a "pro" disguise - at least the BD board and the OP are Sony (I cannot speak for the rest). A few good photos of the actual drive of your deck would help to see which version it is - I'd guess it is possibly the same as in the E58 (i.e., the KMK-260AAA, or maybe a KMK-260AAB).

The load-unload problem is very similar to the JE5xx  commercial line decks' well known issue. It is normally caused by the ageing, oxidized sensor switches in the mechanism. Some good quality contact cleaning and lubricating sprays can help. It would require though a full strip down of the transport, and that is a very delicate work, needs a lot of attention and care. The "heatshrink tube fix" seen on many internet pages is not really a recommended solution, I think we already discussed it here on the forums.

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Thanks for the pdf John, appreciated.

According to the SM, yes it is the KMK-260AAA type mechanism - your photos will tell us then the exact version. If I am not mistaken, the newer KMK-260AAB transport has the newer KMS-260E laser, otherwise is mostly the same as the AAA.

I never had the opportunity to disassemble and examine such a drive, but I would expect a dedicated pcb that holds some of the sensor switches, like the one in the MDM-3 type drives, or a similar one in the MDM-5 flavours (the latter already equipped with much better quality thus longer lasting switches).

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IMG_2882.thumb.JPG.f702b33fffdf1bfea94aca1dbd1fcbe5.JPGIMG_2884.thumb.JPG.f7c458db03f7c894a7ea5d3ef9b2d4f6.JPGThanks NGY!

I took the mechanism apart again and found that the left most micro switch was completely trashed. Using image search, it seems be a C&K HDP Series Micro Mini, Side-Actuated SMD Detect Switch.

Digikey: https://www.digikey.co.uk/en/product-highlight/c/ck-components/hdp-series-micro-mini-side-actuated-smd-detect-switches


Here is a rough video of the problem:  



This is my week for fixing Sony Minidisk machines. I also have an MDS-E10 which is not well and awaiting a new belt. I'll be back!


John OIMG_2883.thumb.JPG.980f4dcf19ad5b8d2f2d46d240e32457.JPGIMG_2883.thumb.JPG.980f4dcf19ad5b8d2f2d46d240e32457.JPG



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