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Getting MD data off MZ-N707

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Pedro good

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Hello I have a Sony MZ-N707 I record using a Sony ECM 907 mic, I use a Macbook pro and wish to download my recording from Minidisc to the Macbook , the 707 minidisc has an earpiece output and a lead with a usb output , when I connect to the Macbook the 707 is not coming up as detected . Is there an app or a way I can do this or are the technologies un-adaptable ? thank you

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Thank you sfbp for your reply , At least a crumb of hope there as I do have a full size deck with an optical out (I think)  I will get it out of storage.

Would the optical lead needed have a particular input connector to plug into the Macbook pro ? 

Thanks in advance for your time

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sorry you will still need to find a sound card with optical in. I don't *think* that's the case for the Mac. You would need a sound DAW like a MOTU or something similar (half a dozen different manufacturers) to get the S/PDIF signal into the Macbook, unless I've missed something.

In the PC world a $10 sound card will do the job. Maybe you need to beg, borrow or steal a PC to plug a sound card (Terratec is nice) into the bus.

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