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TDK MD | Special Packs


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TDK MD | Special Packs


I'll use this topic to record any of the TDK special packs that don't really fit anywhere else. 


TDK Music Jack 5th Version - "A Small Gift for Big Sound"

The first is a gift box presentation box, containing 2 single Music Jack discs. I am not 100% sure of the origins of this pack - whether it was a competition giveaway, a presentation pack to TDK employees or something else altogether. Any information gladly received. 











2nd Variation






TDK ho 【ほ】 - Blue, Paper Wrapped Singles


There may be nothing "special" about this pack. It seems like it is a retailer box of the blue discs designed to be sold as singles. The discs inside are indeed the single 80 minute blue ho discs, but I have no idea why they went to the trouble of individually wrapping them in paper in sets of two's using the same TDK gift wrapping paper used on the presentation packs... 








DSC01842a.JPG DSC01844a.JPG






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1 hour ago, kgallen said:

@Richard you seem to have an endless number of fancy discs! The variety of the discs available is stunning!


Guess I won’t share my bogo Neige or Maxell Color then… 😆


Thanks Kevin, appreciate it! Yes, I do have quite a few in the collection.. I actually quite like most of the Neige discs. To be honest I like all MD's, but I guess the Japanese market certainly was filled with some great designs.

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