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Table Top Tripod? (Mic + minidisc holder)

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I've got a Sony MZ-RH1 Hi-MD Minidisc Recorder which I haven't used in a long time. I just got a new camera (Sony FDR-AX53) want to get back into recording stand-up and other things. Where can I get something like what I've attached in the pic - a table top tripod? I want to connect my AT-822 mic to my minidisc. I'd be using this for recording of the crowd and then merge this sound with the video + audio from the mic attached to the camera. 

minidisc setup with sennheiser mic.jpg

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That looks like a combination of a desk tripod, a desk (or pipe) clamp plus the Sennheiser mic adaptor.


Have a hunt on Thomann, but I think you’re looking for a number of separate parts rather than that unit as one.


Manfrotto do some interesting mic stands and arms but I think you're looking at a number of items that screw together to make that combination. However I'm not so keen on the way that MD portable is clamped, looks like a recipe for a broken machine. The concept though I can see working just with a different choice of desk clamp part that holds the MD machine.


Where did that photo come from? Is there any other info from that source?

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I'm not sure where I found this pic, but I'm open to alternatives to do what I want to do. Maybe just a regular tripod which has the right attachments so I can a mic on it and the minidisc recorder and point it to the crowd?


Again, the main sound for the stand-up I'll record is from the AT-822 mic attached to the camcorder, which is pointed at the stage. The sound source varies depending on venue, but usually is coming from a big speaker or two which are next to the comedian pointing at the crowd. 


The minidisc recorder and my other AT-822 I just want to use to try and enhance the sound experience by getting crowd reaction as a separate sound source.

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There are quite a lot of mini tripods available for vlogging. They have clamps for smart phones - not sure if they’d work with a portable MiniDisc recorder?


Not sure where you’re based @Shahryar but might be worth taking a look on your local version of Amazon for “vlogging kit” and seeing if anything suitable come up. 

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