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Axia MD | Natural Sound MD-PS


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Axia MD | Natural Sound MD-PS


Released on March 21st 2000, this beautiful series from Axia came in just 3 colours - Green, White and Blue. However, each of the 3 colours has three possible unique designs on the index cards making for a total of 9 variations. The discs were sold individually, in packs of 3, and 5 in 80 minutes only. Like many Axia discs, I really love the attention to detail on these and the high quality materials used throughout. 


Green Single Disc


DSC01218a.JPG DSC01219a.JPG


DSC01220a.JPG DSC01224.JPG




Blue Single Discs


DSC02530a.JPG DSC02531a.JPG





Blue Single Disc - Retail Hanger Version


DSC01604a.JPG DSC01606a.JPG


White Single Discs


DSC02781a.JPG DSC02783a.JPG





5 Pack Mix


DSC01570a.JPG DSC01571a.JPG





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