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NW-S203F Works Perfect with VoidMP3FM !


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I also have NW-S203F and try to use VoidMP3FM with it because Sonic Stage is horrible crap. But every time it crashes during the process. I have Vista, could it be because of it? If yes, does anybody know the solution.

Here too crashes a lot in Vista.. running perfect in XP

I followed the instructions, and uploaded some music to my NW-S203F and then after when I unplug my device it says "NO DATABASE" ... can someone help?

You sould: 1. create a folder in the program - will appear in the list; 2. drag and drop mp3 files into that folder - will appear as subfiles in that folder but shadowed; 3. Click on UPLOAD! button

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I've also been trying to use VoidMP3FM - but with the NW-E002

I've also followed the rather unhelpful instructions and got the No Database message from the player when I turn it on.

I've tried to create a folder 'in the program' Doing this on the left hand side of the VoidMP3FM window I can make a folder but can't do anything with it It won't open, for example. I have tried to drag MP3s from the computer to the folder but get the crossed circle symbol which indicates it can't be done. I'm rather flumoxed by this - I guess there is something I'm not doing right but can't for the life of me imagine what it is.

I can open the device as a normal folder and it contains:


voidMP2FM (the program!)

If I drag folders of MP3 files to the device they can be seen - but I get the No DATABASE error when I switch on the player.

Some decent simple instructions would be helpful - best of all would be someone hacking Sony devices to work with MediaMonkey!!!!!

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