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Problem with A3000

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hi all,

i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on this: just today i was trying to back up some files on my A3000 and when i checked how much memory space was left on the player it claimed only to have about 3MB remaining. this seems odd to me as i only have about 1,990 songs on the player and i though it was supposed to hold up to 10,000? i realise that that is probably an estimate based on low quality etc, but less than 2,000 songs really seems a bit poor...

most of the space was taken up by the 'Music' folder (5.30 GB) and the 'OMGAUDIO' folder (9.58GB). does anyone know if this is normal or if there is anything i can do to free up space on my player? this is quite depressing considering how much the thing cost... :(


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Hi evilmuffin.

To free up more space on the player you can get Sonic stage to transfer the songs to your device at a lower bitrate. Files in Sonicstage on my pc are mostly ripped at 128kbps (ATRAC), but when I download them to my A3000 I transfer at 105kBps ATRAC. Sonicstage converts the files to the lower bitrate as it sends them to the player. From an audiophile viewpoint it's not the best way to do things, but I listen through relatively inexpensive headphones whilst on public transport or at the gym, and I find the quality more than ok (it's still an improvement on MP3 at 128kbps).

At those rates the player still sounds great, and I've currently got around 5600 songs on there with room for more besides. I've rather sacrifice some sound quality if it means I have my entire music collection in one place.

I think in their blurb Sony quoted a 13000 song capacity for the A3000 based on ATRAC 48kbps. But I'm guessing you don't need to go to those extremes!

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I noticed this when checking the capacity on Connect. Why is this mp3 player being marketed as 20Gb if it only 18? 2Gb is a lot of music, in my opinion
I think it's because that when MP3 manufacturers market their players, they use the rate that 1 GB = 1000 MB, whereas in reality 1 GB = 1024 MB.
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