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  1. Don't know how much ten pounds is in Australian dollars, but that sounds better than the prices here, if you get all three pairs of sizes. The Sony spare parts company here quoted $10 per bud (plus $3.30 postage and delivery).
  2. I think the Japanese models are listed as NW-S61xF. So if there's a Z in the model name, it's a drag-and-drop model.
  3. I'm not a 'pink' person. My favourite colour's sky blue. xD Pricing looks odd for the S615 . . . for another $20, you get double the capacity. O_O My brother's on the lookout for a MP3 player . . . ought to get him to take a look at this. *shifty* Does this support ATRAC? According to the article on ATRACLife here it does, but there's no mention of it on the Sony website. =| Edit: Guess not. We seem to be getting the drag-and-drop version.
  4. At least these prices are competitive. The 4 GB iPod nano is $199. For $40 more, you can now get the NW-A805 with decent earphones, better sound quality, etc. etc.
  5. I doubt the NW-HD1 will be getting an update. You had to send your unit off in order to update the firmware to play MP3s.
  6. It's impossible for Sony to make everyone happy.
  7. Maybe you should try installing SonicStage again? If you want to look for it manually, assuming that you use Windows XP, it should be in C:\Program Files\Sony\SonicStage.
  8. The 'F' denotes that the model has an FM radio.
  9. It says here that you need to install the driver for the NW-E99. Hence my asking as to whether the driver was installed on Vista or not.
  10. I did a Google search, and found a driver here. You could try and see if that works.
  11. Have you installed the driver on the Vista computer from the supplied CD-ROM?
  12. I don't have one, but I would imagine that it would be the same as my NW-HD1 - you hold the up or down button until the bookmark symbol pops up.
  13. No reductions on the NW-A800 series here in Australia. O_O On the other hand, some of the other Walkmans, like the NW-S706 and the NW-E000 series bar the NW-E003 in green and pink, have been taken off the Sony website.
  14. Nothing. I'd rather buy an iRiver or Creative player than an iPod.
  15. kerfuffle

    HDD help

    Shouldn't you be asking on a non-Sony forum, then? Sony stopped making hard disk-based MP3 players a few years ago.
  16. I don't have one, but from what I've read, OLED screens are nearly impossible to see in sunlight. The NW-A3000 has an OLED screen.
  17. For your 2001 album problem, go into All Tracks view, then set the Keyword Search parameter to Album. Then type 2001 so that the songs with the album name 2001 show up. Select all the tracks, right click and select Properties. There should be an option that says 'Tracks in the compilation albums' - check the box. When you look at the 2001 album in Album view, there should only be one, with eleven tracks in it.
  18. Nope, they're all ATRAC3plus - I have no MP3s in my Library.
  19. Dunno if I have the same problem that you have, but sometimes, when I play a list of songs, the following song doesn't play - the track elapsed thingyo is going, but there's no noise coming out of the speakers. I have to rewind the song in order to be able to hear it. O_O
  20. I don't think it does; SonicStage doesn't work on Macs.
  21. kerfuffle

    NWD-B100 announced

    Australia's getting these - got an e-mail from My Sony about a pre-order offer. You can get the 1 GB for AUD$99 (making it cheaper than the screenless, recorder-less, radio-less iPod shuffle by $10) and the 2 GB for AUD$149. You can get either black or white. It says LCD in the description. O_O If it were an OLED screen, wouldn't it have a better battery life or something?Edit: Looks like this is replacing the NW-E00x series. You can no longer buy the NW-E005 from Sony Style.
  22. You'll have to wait until you get back to London, 'cause you can't get songs from your Atrac CDs onto your NW-A800.
  23. I'm not sure as I don't have one, but I don't think you can bookmark particular places on the NW-S706.
  24. Call me crazy, but I just couldn't like the NW-HD5 in red. Black and silver looked pretty good, and I most likely would have traded in my NW-HD1 for it, but the shop only had one in stock, and that was red.
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