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ML_SONY & VaioPocket


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Hey people!

Just wanted you to inform about some interesting discoveries I made when using ml_sony with my 40 GB VaioPocket. But first things first...

SonicStage (still) is a major pain in the ass. It's slow, buggy and proprietary. Protected players suck big time. I want to be able to listen to the music I paid for on any device. MP3FM sadly can't be used with the Vaio, 'cause it screws up the device's database. GYM was a huge leap forward, but I could never get it to run stable on all my computers and the software has to go at great lengths to circumvent the player's encryption. And then there's ml_sony, and this is where it gets interesting:

ml_sony works totally fine with the VaioPocket, it does not screw up the device's database (as MP3FM does). I use it with Winamp Portable (5.24) directly installed on the device. AND screw encryption: You don't need the GYM-Keys or the MP3FM devid.dat for ml_sony to work with the VaioPocket!!! The Vaio actually can play unencrypted MP3-Files!!! Do the following:

- Create a new OMGAUDIO-directory on your device, then create the empty 04CNTINF.DAT.

- Don't create the nocode.txt file!

- Fire up Winamp with ml_sony.dll and transfer MP3-Files to your device (make sure they're tagged properly, screwed up tags will cause problems with ml_sony).

- Enjoy!

The files created in the OMGAUDIO-directory are still renamed according to the players database-scheme (e.g. SOMEHEXCODE.OMA), BUT they're not encrypted!!! You can simply copy them to your PC, rename them to .mp3 and they're fine. As an added bonus you can play music directly from your device in Winamp.



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If Sonic Stage works for you, that's perfectly fine with me. But as you probably know there are gazillions of people out there that think Sonic Stage sucks big time. I am one of them. Apart from that, I think you're somewhat missing the point of this post (no offense intended).


P.S.: I forgot to thank all the developers for their great efforts in bringing GYM, ml_sony and the like to stupid users like myself. So here it goes: HUGE THX! :)

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