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SonicStage post mortem

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Akai Kenshi

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So, for those of you going out to purchase one of the new walkmen, which path will you take? Are you feelin' the Plays-For-Sure love? Or will you take up one of the multiple UMS options? Or perhaps some of both?

As for me, I never cared much for WMP 11. It's got a nice interface, but it seems to like doing screwy things to me like not being able to access CD info or net radio even though my internet connection is perfectly open. Audio seems to slide out of sync while watching my DivX files. And it doesn't really support AAC, which I'm finding to sound pretty nice when encoded at 160 ABR using Nero Digital.

I'll be using a combo of Nero Digital and MusikCube until they get Sony Media Manager rolling, at which point I'll try it out. It should be good for properly cropping and formatting video files, if nothing else.

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Sony won't be getting any of my money next time. I bought a NW-A3000 for myself, and a NW-A1000 for the GF, very soon afterwards, all support stopped, SonicStage development has stalled, and I feel dumped on.

Fortunatly for Sony, it won't be iPod either. Perhaps Creative Zen or something similar.

You know, I don't know what the hell is going on with Sony. They have ticked off so many people by constantly moving their goalposts and dis-regarding their customers while they do so. They are becoming like rogue builders, once they have your money, they are gone. However, I must admit this only applies to their Walkman range in my experience. I love their cameras and camcorders. As long as they have a hand in the recording industry the Walkman range will always lack something.........As for their software ................never,ever,ever........so, I agree Sony Walkman no more.

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What I want for my next DAP is a large-capacity player (20GB or more). Will Sony ever put out another one? Thirty or 40 gigs would be awesome. Nearly all of my files are ripped into Atrac, so I will be screwed with a new Sonyproduct that doesn't support it. I fear that my only choice for a large-cap player will be something other than a Sony product.

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