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  1. In a word.....NO............and I would go far as to say NEVER!
  2. aob9


    I bought the bluetooth adaptor for Walkman and the DTR BT22 headphones at a good price on ebay. I LOVE it, really pleased with the SQ despite what I've read on forums. The phones also pair with my K800i mobile which I am now using more and more as a multifunction device. I would argue that BT is more than just a gimmick.
  3. A friend of mine has one, he's not too impressed. He sees it as more of a gadget than having any real use.
  4. aob9

    VRC-NW10 and NWZ-A818

    Does anybody know if the VRC-NW10 cradle will record TV onto the NWZ-A800 series of Walkmans? It is designed to record to the NWZ-A820 series but they all use the same video format.
  5. This looks great BUT, within an album it lists the tracks alphabetically instead of numerically. They are all tagged okay as they work fine on all other software. Pity really, as it's nice apart from this.
  6. I noticed the same 'artifacts'. Turning off DN reduces it on all my players, NW A805,NWZ-A818,NW-S703. It's obviously a limitation of the DSP on all devices.
  7. aob9

    About HD3 Batt?!?!

    Yes it will, and I have a brand new, unused one if you are interested.
  8. I have to disagree there.............sorry.
  9. aob9

    Is my NWZ-a818 faulty ?

    WMP is okay for tagging album art if you use the 'advanced tag editor'. From within WMP11 on the library page, select 'Music'>songs> on the required album highlight all tracks>right click>advanced tag editor>pictures>add....browse for the album art and attach it. I download album art from the 'net. Sony walkman will shrink album art to suit. However, if it is too small it will won't 'upsize' it. I'm not an expert on tagging so it may be that the music file will always reference the source of the album art. i.e if you move/remove the image from it's source folder it may cause problems, maybe someone with more knowledge can comment on this.
  10. aob9

    Is my NWZ-a818 faulty ?

    1/ Normal 2/ Normal 3/ Very unlikey to be associated with the player, although I notice my Windows Vista has an annoying tendency to hold onto apps in the task manager when I have closd them. 4/ No, same version of WMP and no other software,apps required, unless you want to download 'media manager for walkman'. I wouldn't bother;it's crap.
  11. I would consider myself fussy about the SQ of my music player. I decided on a whim to buy an adaptor to hook up my headphones to my SE K800i mobile phone and I have to say I am very impressed. Apart from a little hiss and falling a bit short on volume this phone supplies more than adequate thump for your Euro. While it doesn't have cover art it does have excellent drag and drop compatibility and tagging never goes wrong. Artist,album and track is displayed, there are equaliser settings and the facility to create playlists. Given that I don't really use video on my Walkmans I am beginning to wonder do I actually need them at all..................any comments?
  12. I rip MP3 at 192. I download from emusic at whatever bitrate they supply, usually vbr 320. I once ripped all my collection to atrac 132 and found I could do very little with it. I stream music all over my house and MP3 is the most compatible. Atrac is an excellent codec codec but way to restricted....................my vote; MP3
  13. Apologies, I forgot add that I got the €45 back. What I don't understand is why they suggested the battery running down in an hour was caused by using the wrong software, they haven't said they replaced the battery yet it does seem to be fixed. I'm confused to be honest.
  14. Apologies for the delayed update. Well I got my Walkman back. As I previously stated the unit had to go to Hungary for repair. It's funny then that I received a phonecall two days after dropping it off at my local Service centre to tell me that the unit was repaired and ready for collection...........Very quick service,don't you think. This is the best bit. In the package there was an envelope labelled 'Very Important Information'. On opening the envelope I read that the problem with my player was due to using the incorreect software to transfer music. Users can only use Sonictage to transfer music and that the unit had been reset as part of the repair process. They also informed me that they upgraded the firmware to 1.03. WHAT has this to do with a battery problem. I always use SS and nothing else simply because it cannot be done. However, the funny thing is that the battery IS fixed. VERY,VERY strange indeed.
  15. A sign of the times..............what was described as revolutionary 2 years ago cannot be given away now........Surely this nonsense will stop some time soon!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. You really have moved on judging by the amount of stuff you have sold. Sony must have really upset YOU.
  17. aob9

    new walkman ?

    Now that takes some nerve. I owned one of these for 3 days. Uninspiring to say the very least, you poor thing.
  18. Try this Juli; http://www.advancedmp3players.co.uk/shop/M...lkman.3129.html
  19. I wouldn't rush out and invest anymore money in this player. It's good news that it's working again but the very fine components have been exposed to water. It's only a matter of time before the player becomes unreliable.
  20. Yes indeed, I was wondering about that too. Obviously, it can be replaced on the technicians bench.
  21. That's a good question. The A805 is only 2GB, but I do prefer SS over WMP........BUT the A818 is 8GB. I should have got the A808 first day really.
  22. For those who have been replying to this thread;.............I finally dropped the unit off at the Sony Service Centre. The helpful lady on duty informed me that so long as the unit shows no signs of water damage Sony have always covered battery problems. I should have my Walkman back in 5-10 working days.
  23. HEAR,HEAR.........................................
  24. Thanks for that prankz...very helpful. I also found a solution to my own album art problem. I don't know why it works, but it does. What I did was open up both Media Manager and My Music folder. By dragging the required folder from my musict to the Walkman transfer window all the relevant tag info is transferred. I honestly cannot explain why it works using this method and not by any other. See Image attached. See image attached.
  25. ............................and if you tell me how you do it I will be so grateful.
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