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Ml Sony plugin and winamp


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I have downloaded the latest ML_Sony Plugin from Aug 22 2007 and I want to transfer some music from Winamp to my Sony Mp3 player. But I dont know what to do with this plugin file that I have downloaded. I know this is probably a very stupid question but im not the best with the old technology. Could anyone explain what I do next??????


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Hi, I downloaded version 1.04 and tried to use it with Winamp 5.35, but Winamp fails to start properly: after a few seconds it says 'Winamp has encountered a problem and has to close ...'. This is with Windows XP pro.

If I delete the dll file again, Winamp becomes functional again

If I run as Administrator, Winamp works OK with ml_sony - *but* of course I don't want to do this, and even if I did, I would get all Administrator's library in Winamp, not mine. I was hoping to get away from SonicStage precisely because it had to be run as Administrator! (the version I had anyway)

I have tried version 1.03 too - same thing.

Any clues how to sort this out?


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