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Hi Fencer90 - You must be the first one to notice this !!! Can you elaborate re " cures a playback problem" please?? I went to the site but couldnt see any documentation or changes from FW 1.02 etc. I downloaded it - the exe file - but dont want to run it till I have a better idea what it does. It's over 10 mb - so seems quite big?! Couldnt possibly be the famous " gives you drag and drop like the 810 series" upgrade could it!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone got any further info please???

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Me again!! Ok - now found the details re this 1.03 fw upgrade. As fencer originally said - it's to correct a minor playback issue. There's a minor "blip" in playback 5 or 6 seconds into a track occasionally. I've noticed this on both my 808's but had decided it was just a minor irritation I could put up with!! I'll be running this fw 1.03 then. BUT it's nothing like the long hoped for "drag and drop" etc one!!

PS to be honest after all the initial feelings have died down - I'm now thinking that NOT having 800 series doing the "drag and drop" thing isnt so bad after all - especially if you lose some of the clever "intelligent shuffle"etc stuff like ratings/favourite 100 etc . The 800 and 810 players are BOTH absolutely excellent ( build,battery life,functionality etc) As Sony say - one's an Atrac player ( better codec imho) - the other an mp3player...................so be it!!!

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