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  1. Thanks for the reply Juli. Interesting that you have gone down the Zune + 8gb 828 route!! I've never seen a Zune in the flesh - but another feature that's important to me is "size" - in that I really like "smallest possible". The slightly larger size of the 829 cf 800 is just about bearable for me! I'm guessing that a zune is larger to some extent. Your comments re "sound" ( ie wider soundstage ) are reassuring. Thanks. PS I'm not expecting to use bluetooth much /at all. In fact - if the 729 was readily avaialble I'd perhaps go for that. But on the grounds of "might occasionally want to transfer via bluetooth" I'm going for that rather than realise i'd like the function later!! Regards.
  2. Hi friends Firstly I want to say thanks for all the good info and comments coming through on this thread. Really appreciate the time and trouble people take to give views and help others. I am a long time Sony fan - ( various minidiscs, HD1, HD5 ) but I use mostly my 808. [i never moved on (up?) to the 818.]. So i'm quite used to (and quite like!) Sonic Stage and Atrac. BUT................... would really like to go to 16gb - so am almost certain to be unable to stop myself from buying an 829!! But this thread has started some nagging doubts ticking away. Firstly there's the functionality I'll lose. ( The various playlists,favourites etc as I understand it?) but there's also the options re ripping/transferring. Luckily perhaps my music is exclusively cds - and not huge amounts (approx 300 cds) - so can always rerip I guess. But at the moment I've got some atrac 352 and some mp3 256. All this thread talk re Winamp,Mediamonkey,Albumart probs etc etc has worried me a little bit!! Anyone else made the biggish jump from 800 series ( and SS) right into 820 series............. and can fully recommend it?????? Regards to all. PS was also interested to read the mentions re headphones - I tend to use Superfi 5Pros or Ety 6is with my 808 and (like Juli et al) have all eq/bass etc OFF. Would expect the 829 sound to be very similar ???
  3. Hi all - I hadnt really appreciated the point about the walkman port door/flap until Cauldron mentioned it!! Tend to agree about build/feel etc - prefer a solid - metal usually - case myself. The HD1 (IMHO) was a lovely piece of "metal" - on a par with my beloved NH1 minidisc ( for build and feel ) I think i'll wait on the 72X and82X until i can actually play with one in my hands. It's not going to have that "brushed magnesium" feel I fear!!! Regards.
  4. Hi aob9 Very quick thought - has your 805 got latest firmware?? From memory I think there's been a couple of updates - and I think one of those was something to do with "sound" problems ?????? Regards.
  5. Thanks Juli - like you i'm hoping that what Doohickey was told turns out to be correct!!! I've about 90% convinced myself that the 16gb 829 is the one for me - but i'm not hugely worried about/needing the bluetooth to be honest. It's the 16gb ( plus Sony build/sound etc !!) which I'd like. But if the 720 version is identical (and available! ?) apart from BT - then I'd seriously consider that!! Wonder if there's any other "differences" between 820/720??? For instance - if I get an 820 - but leave BT off - is the battery performance going to be as good as 720?? With BT squeezed into the 820 - is there anything else which got left out cf the 720?? Cant wait for some detailed reviews of these two to help me make up my mind. Regards.
  6. Hi Doohickey ( and other friends)! Must say I'm still very much "believe it when I see it in the flesh"!!! ( Not dis-believing what you are reporting at all!!) But we've had lots of instances in the past where individual Sony shop people have given info - which turns out not to be true /happen etc!! ( The firmware upgrades for the 800 series being just one example) I'm still concerned that the Sony Uk site still says/shows 820 series as "up to 8gb" - there's no 829 listed at all. If you go into SonyStyle Europe site - most country links only show 8gb - Germany being one exception showing the 16gb. Why would they have differences like this??? Would love 16gb - but as others have said "can 32gb be far behind??!!
  7. Yesterday I checked the Sony europe site (uk branch) and the 16gb was there. ( as earlier posters mentioned) But I was worried cos going to Sony UK own site it still only showed 8gb as biggest. Today - I've just rechecked the Sony Europe(UK) page ........................... it seems to be just 8gb max now!!! This is doing my head in!!!!!!! What on earth are Sony doing messing around like this!!!!
  8. Hi all http://www.sony.co.uk/view/ShowProductCate...ry=NWS+A+Series I think I'm going to say "I'll believe 16gb when I've got one connected to my computer and 9gb or so has transferred and still counting!!" I've just clicked on the above link ( Sony uk) showing the 820 series - still only shows 4gb and 8gb as available!!! I've never fully understood the relationship between Sony Europe ( and then click through the uk link) cf Sony Uk direct pages?????? I'm also wondering whether ( if I can get one) a 729 would be just as good - I'm not convinced by bluetooth phones ( for top end audio quality) - and to be honest - for transferring it's just as easy ( and maybe safer) to go direct via cable ??!! Ho hum. Dont you just love Sony folks!! Brilliant hardware - but not always support etc to match!!
  9. Thanks Old Skool. Appreciate the trouble you've taken. The replies you got dont surprise me. So very "Sony" like in so many ways!! Like you I'm going to hold off for a while. Maybe a US import later in the year? Still love my 808 immensely- and also use an HD5 sometimes. ( Together with a very rare minidisc outing occasionally!!) It is so very hard being a Sony addict isnt it (LOL) Regards.
  10. Hi Old Skool D . Good luck with asking Sony about this!! My past experience is one of conflicting advice and/or lack of or denying any knowledge!! ( The will they/wont they provide firmware updates for the 800 series was a case in point. Some on this forum had emails/phone calls from Sonyy reps saying "yes" - but nothing ever materialised.) Re the availability of a 16gb 729/829 model..............surely if it is available in some markets but not others - then for those (like me) who are desparate to have one - then the answer is import or buy on the web and ship over??? Apart from the cost issue (!) there's really only the "useability" in terms of languages surely ?? ( Universal voltages for chargers and/or usb chargeing etc means no issue there) I'm presuming the 829 (being derived from 800/810 ) will have language choice in the menus - and a wide choice at that. Most Europeans plus Korea/China/Japan?? All selectable from menu. I'm trying to convince myself that the "not-available in UK" will simply mean I import one from Germany or HongKong or Japan or wherever and just switch language to English on arrival................??!! Surely that will work? Can anyone foresee any other "gotchas"?????
  11. Hi dutchtrance This is definitely completely bizarre!!! I cant imagine that Sony would be stupid enough to release the 16gb in some countries and not others. For example - I've just looked at the Sony-Europe site. If I click on the uk/ireland/france versions there's no 16gb shown - just the 8gb and 4gb. BUT if I click on Germany - there's the 16gb nwz-a829 in all it's glory!! Makes no sense whatsoever!! Surely Sony cant mean that someone (say) living in Strasboug(?) can get a 16gb in one shopping street - but not "just down the road"!!??? I'm assuming that European versions couldnt possibly be "tied" to just one language?? Surely if I buy from Germany I can switch the language to French/English or whatever?? My 818 certainly can be switched into numerous languages(including the various japan/Korean etc) I'd like to think it's just website "discrepancies" - but comments in this thread worry me as some have said "16gb was there, but now removed"!!!! IT's utterly bizarre!! ( Is there any reason why I cant simply import one into UK ?? Apart from extra costs that is???)
  12. The pictures look good!!! Was intrigued to see that Sony have learned from past mistakes re the leather case (IMHO) The Sony 800 series cases have the same "big ring" for attaching to belt loop etc but the player just slides in and the cover is kinda held in place with a small magnet. . But the 820 case now has an actual closure which folds over the end to prevent the player falling out!!! ( I ditched my Sony 800 case for the Noreve one for precisely this reason!! regards.
  13. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=120211006951 Hi TWG. I couldnt find any cables in UK at all - found above seller on ebay (Digitalspy) - he sent me one by return. Excellent service - highly recommended.
  14. It makes no sense at all to have 16gb available in some countries but not others. I cant believe even Sony would be that stupid!!! With web based sales those who really want 16gb will just import from another country surely? ( I for one would do that - although reluctantly - and annoyed with Sony to boot). If there are some European versions and perhaps some N.American versions then I would expect languages to be switchable. I'm guessing only a Japanese only version might cause problems with switching languages, ?? All the uncertainty re will there/wont there be 16gb in US/Uk or wherever ( details appearing then dis-appearing from sony sites) reminds me of the information (dis-information) we had re possible firmware updates for the 800's. For a few weeks we had conflicting stories from sony sources. I'll just hold tight and hope 16gb becomes available in uk!! Regards to all.
  15. Thanks to Gradius for the pinouts for the wm port. Must admit I've never seen those listed anywhere before! Must be someone somewhere who has made/can make a line out cable???? I've got exactly such a cable for a Creative Zen Vision as well as Ipod Nano - but would be brilliant to have same for my beloved 808 players. Does anyone know if such a cable exists??
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