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  1. Is there anyone with the SRS-NWT10M mini portable speaker? http://www.sony.pt/view/ShowProduct.action...Travel+Speakers I like it's size but what about the sound? Is it worth it? Anyone? Tkx
  2. I bought my A806 when it came out and it was only 9 months ago... I dont want a new Dap every year =S
  3. That's odd! The portuguese Sony site has the 16gb model and our market is far smaller than UKs. But the real market (because in the EU there is only one market that includes the 25 countries) is the same... http://www.sony.pt/view/ShowProductCategor...ry=NWS+A+Series
  4. Why not include Radio too? :S
  5. Is this new? I've updated mine with this firmware months ago... Didn't really saw the country but it works
  6. I just Bought an electric plug with an usb port so I could charge my walkman in travels But after I pluged it it only turns on the device but the power bar doesnt move. I know there's an AC charger from Sony so I was hopeful this one could work too. Anyone has an ideia why it doesn't?
  7. GusG

    European volume limit

    I bought mine A806 in Portugal and with my sennheiser Cx-300 earbud I normally hear with the volume between 9 and 12 so no, there's no volume cap
  8. GusG

    help with NW-A806!

    Strange mine's 3.1 also. try the xilisoft program then or unistalling the winavi and installing again
  9. GusG

    help with NW-A806!

    what version is the program?
  10. GusG

    help with NW-A806!

    Sorry my bad. I meant to say 240x320 Mp4 :x Avi its the format we convert from (eventually) I use WinAvi MP4 Converter and use the options like if I have an Ipod with the same screen resolution
  11. GusG

    help with NW-A806!

    it has to be 240x320 Avi and not 3gp
  12. I just wish the new program would be compatible with the NW (A800 for eg) too, replacing Sonicstage... Will it?
  13. Thats nice But what is it good for?
  14. GusG

    New Firmware

    Someonde started a topid about the new firmware in the topic of the old one insted of in a new one. They should change the name of the topic
  15. GusG

    New Firmware

    No news here. there was already a topic where this was being spoken of http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?...=3624&st=30
  16. Not quite the update we were hoping for right? lol I think someone should update the topic title too
  17. GusG


    it remember-s me a Nokia N80 music lol
  18. I just wished that tip could be used with the A800 also lol
  19. "The only two design aspects we're not too keen on are the proprietary dock connection and(...)" The ipod has always had a proprietary dock and I don't see them whining about that... Such "impartial" parts of the reviews sick me
  20. Yes, I used the inf file from the Zip, edited the name of the icon in it and saved it and then copied to the root of the player. I've tried creating my own inf file, with and without the label field, i'v tried creating with the option of type as notebook and as all files. Nothing works :S and i've tried in diferent Pcs too.. Everything lol
  21. When they released the firmware for the NW-E400 series I upgraded ASAP and didn't even notice any diference apart from 2 or 3 new screensavers lol And that's more than the firmware for the NW-A800 loool
  22. Nothng here.. again.. I even changed the properties of the inf and icon files with no success Oh well I guess i'll just forget about it
  23. Yes i copy/pasted the name of the icon to the inf file has shown in the imagem. I tryed everything lol It's not essencial to show the icon.. I just wanted to see how it would look like. The strange is that the PSP gets a icon if it is registered in the PSP media manager but i can't do it manually. I think I'll ask someone to give me the files resulting of the PSP media manager registering, make the necessary changes and put on my walkman to see if it works. It's my last ideia lol
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