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Where are my Sonicstage music files stored?

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Hi guys, as per the title really. I've got a Vista pc with one single hard drive split into two. I've now filled the 'C' section of the drive and want to transfer my Sonicstage music files over to the 54GB 'E' part of the drive. I have some problems though. Firstly, I can't find the Sonicstage music files anywhere on my pc! Secondly, if I move them over to the 'E' drive, will Sonicstage find them when it comes to playing my library? Any advice greatly appreciated. I've got Sonicstage 4.3 installed.

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Moving the files with explorer is a bad idea for several reasons. I could list them all if you like, however your best solution is to open SonicStage, and under Tools - Options - Location to save imported files you will find where to change the setting. You might have to create the folder structure you want first on the other drive. Once you change it, SonicStage starts moving all your files over. You should probably delete optimized files first (Tools - Options - Advanced Settings).

Before doing any of the above I would strongly recommend running the SonicStage backup utility, just in case. Oh and turn off screensaver and power management. A large library can take hours to move. Good luck

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