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battery issues

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hi guys, another problem with my HD5 which is the battery....

basically it runs out much faster dan usual, sometimes dropping from half to "low battery" all of a sudden which is basically auto-shutdown for my player. usually right after charging the indicator is full, then running down to 3/4 VERY quickly. then it can jump very fast to the lower indicators as well.

sometimes it alternates between half and 1/4. another strange nature that it SEEMS as if the player have trouble calculating and displaying the indicator- sometimes it says low battery and shuts down, but when i 'soft reset' by taking out the battery and re-inserting it again, it managed to run for another hour. then, sometimes this soft resetting helps, sometimes it doesn't.

is the problem in the battery itself, or is it my player? (regarding my impression that it misreads/ miscalculates the battery)

i was about to buy a new battery but it will help me only if it is confirmed that the problem is in the battery.

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