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  1. I wonder if they will incorporate the atraclife forum and the minidisc forum into the new SonyInsider forum? (Sort of like a "legacy" section)
  2. Compare the ones you can see, and the ones you can't see in mp3tag. This has happened to me before, and I believe it is because sony players cannot display when it is ID3 v. 2.4, but displays perfectly when it is ID3 v. 2.3. Maybe in your case it might be something else, but make sure to compare the ones that work with the ones that don't work in mp3tag, and see if there is a difference between the versions of ID3. Hope that is useful.
  3. The FF is way faster than the E400/E500 series which were excrutiatingly slow (basically, ff at the same rate as the file normally plays). Unless you are dealing with 30 minute tracks, its not that slow, I am ok with it. I remember that the A600 (the one between the S700 and the E500) had an option in advanced options to accelerate the FF (up to 8x i believe), but this one does not.
  4. Just wondering, how much longer will atrac3 be supported in japanese walkman models?
  5. I'm sticking with atrac for any music which I import myself. Does anyone know how much longer atrac will be supported in Japan? Hopefully they will still have atrac3 support so we can just import from there if we still want to use it.
  6. Try draining it completely and then recharching to full, see if that makes a difference in the time calculation (it should be more accurate).
  7. imagine_

    Mp3 vs. ATRAC3

    I think if you have expensive canalphones, it is worth it to spend the time to choose the best format. However, if you download your music in mp3, it makes no sense at all to even think about this issue, as any conversion will lose quality. The only thing that will differ is ripping CDs, at which point you will want to find the best balance between sound quality and number of songs you can fit on your player at once. If you want to give up freedom, atrac3/atrac3plus is the best format in terms of balance, but if you want to use your files on other devices which don't support atrac3, then mp3 is most likely the best bet. Any other discussion of this issue is only based on personal preference.
  8. Does anyone know where I could buy this in Canada? (Or online somewhere?) Thanks.
  9. Hope it turns out well. My NW-E407 has been dropped in snow several times, dropped to the ground while running and soaked in hot tea. Still works like a charm.
  10. Nice phones for a budget model, but when will we get a decent high end stick player (something with noise cancelling and no video)?
  11. I think it has to do with the quality of the player... I know that my sony CD walkman did this (it was the cheapest model), but my NW-E407 does not do this.
  12. Definitely when I think of Bang and Olufsen I think of high price. They are known for their very nice aestehetic designs and premium price, I wouldn't expect your money's worth of sound quality of if that is what you are going for.
  13. Actually I changed my mind after reading about the headphone jack problem... Maybe I will end up getting one of the new A82x models which were just released.
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