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Live Recording Questions: Sharp DR80 low volume LP2/LP4

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I just got a DR80 after my Sharp MT770 broke. My MT770 made clear records with the manual record level at 22. The volume of playback was balanced in level and I could like at a good level.

With my DR80, the volume of recordings are really low and even at the max of 30, it is low. The record level was at 12 or else it would peak out. The Is there anything I need to set on my minidisc for this.

I am recording live loud dance classes with a stero mic i used with my mt770. I have never used a battery unit ? The DR80 only has a mic in on the unit. Maybe there is a setting in setup I need to change?

Another question? Does recording at L2/L4 comprise the playback volume of the recording?

Thanks in advance,


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heyy there, um i'm not entirely sure on how new Sharp recoding units are like but i'm pretty sure that u can change the volume levels if u find that ur recordings are 2 soft...also recording in LP2/LP4 shouldn't compromise the playback volume of the recording....

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