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Paul Marsh

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Hi -

I recently bought myself an MZ-N10 which is a wonderful piece of kit which I constantly find myself using... I wish I could say the same about the SonicStage software. I'm much more comfortable with the SimpleBurner approach which I learned about in this forum.

A problem I have with this software though is the "blacking out" of the of the contents windows when a NetMD or CD is loaded. I've seen this mentioned elsewhere here but I've not come across a working solution to it yet.

I'm running Windows98 and the only suggestion I've seen so far - to disconnect and then reconnect the NetMD doesn't work.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Kurisu -

Thanks for the reply.

I would like to give sonicstage 2 a try but Sony are making it difficult for me. The machine I want to run it on only has 56k internet access and the Sony site says it could take up to 3 hours to download by the installer program and I can't tie up my phone line for that long. So I thought I might try the version on this forum but I notice that it doesn't appear to work with Windows98SE which means it's a non-starter for me.

I'll take a look on my sonicstage 1.5 CD to see if I can find the setup you describe.

I already have sonicstage 1.5 on my PC but I just find it irritating. I discovered simpleburner v1.0 on these forums and find it much more satisfactory when I use it in conjunction with "m3u2sb" and "daemon tools". I also use "win netmd" which makes uploading easy. All these programs (which I discovered on these forums) make life easy so I guess I can't really complain just because Sony's simpleburner tries to hide my titles from me!

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Ryzir - You're a star!! :smile:

I was able to download this version on a broadband link, take it home and load it on to my old WIN98 PC. It loaded easily and no problems talking to my N10.

No more problems with "black" track name in simpleburner and sonicstage2 is looking far more usable - although I'll reserve judgement on it until I've played with it a bit more.

I hope Sony can put the older versions of these programs behind them now.


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