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PCM upload possible more than one time by dumping HMA?

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As we all know, it is possible to transfer PCM (and other format's) records done on the unit (mic/line/opt) to the PC (even though in a proprietary format that is encrypted).

As many people know, the music data is stored as HMA-files in the data area (for this reason accessible for windows). These files are encrypted.

As perhaps a few people know is that this transfer can only be done on one computer, and then a flag is set on the minidisc that prevents sonicstage from further uploads (which would enable the user to go to a buddy and upload his records on the buddie's computer). This flag is very likely stored in the HMA-files.

Well, after a lot of "intro", here's my question: Would it be possible to dump the HMA files, then upload the PCM/Hi-SP/whatever records to sonicstage, transfer the "untouched" hma files back to the disc, and.... you know what i'm trying to say?


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unfortunately i can't: no hi-md (yet).

the only problem could be a hidden (inaccessible) sector on the hi-md that holds additional flags like this - or a key - or anything.

But generally i'm interested in hma-hacking to create a whole new 'clean' software that doesn't need anything from sony (except for the atrac encoder perhaps)

I know that this isn't an easy job... of course not. But that are just ideas... :smile:

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