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    Smart chargers can help with recovering some capacity (to a certain point) of the battery by repeated charge/discharge but can't do anything about decreasing internal resistance.
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    I tried the HQRP gumstick batteries and I never had any luck with them. They all had high self discharge characteristics and developed high internal resistance pretty quickly. The only NH-14WM replacement I've used that wasn't high self discharge is the Sofirn 3000mah battery from China. Don't let the name fool you , it's no where near 3000mah. Its like 1200mah but will hold a charge. The Sofirn battery is all white in color and its still going after a year now. It's not as good as the original Sony pr Sharp gumsticks were but way better than any HQRP I've ever tried.
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    Somebody know that one ? HQRP Portable CD / MD / MP3 Battery for Uniross RB103244, RB103246 Replacement plus Coaster http://www.amazon.com/HQRP-Portable-RB103244-RB103246-Replacement/dp/B0047ZW4BM
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    From mininidisc.org browser, NH1 battery Your battery replace Sony NH-14WM, NH-10WM, NH-10WM B for Sony minidisc as said in the web page details. So if somebody can tell us want is the difference between Nh-10WM B and A. Thick size maybe ?