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  1. Decks and portables (UK)

    I have a few things for grabs, everything in used working condition unless I say otherwise. Sony MDS-JE780 Deck in Silver: Has been kept in a flight case all it's life, hence the marks on top. But otherwise works as prescribed. Sony MDS-JE510 Deck in Black. This is still in original box with furniture, very very light use. Still has original manual and remote. 2 x Sony MZ-N710 1 x Sony MZ-N810 All have the accessories, as you can see. One of the 710 remotes has seen better days. The 810 remote is in need of repair. Units are used but functional. I'll consider most offers as long as you pay postage to the fullest. Will also trade for other shiny stuff! (I also collect Game&Watch FYI) -Chris
  2. MZ-RH1: What's it worth?

    You have mail!
  3. MZ-RH1: What's it worth?

    It was a typo. My bad. EDIT: I'd also take the color 80 MD's as they are my usual brand.
  4. MZ-RH1: What's it worth?

    If you do that rich, I will possibly be interested in the N910! wish I had the cash for the RH1 but can't really justify the spend.
  5. Sonic Stage Ultimate Release 2 Installation Problem on Vista

    Damn those meddling kids!
  6. slugbahr

    Just a post to say thank you to Danny (slugbahr) Bought some classic MDs from him and they arrived this morning. Perfect! (except the import charge I got, not your fault) Danny was excellent, I'll definitely use him again if he has anything else that takes my fancy! Thanks again Danny. -Chris
  7. Albums for sale perhaps?

    Still looking for albums you may have, particularly 80s or movie soundtracks!
  8. NetMDusb.zip (old NetMD driver)

    This solved my issue with my 980 and 780. Much obliged Sir!
  9. Using deck and studio monitors

    Will report back when I get round to it!
  10. Using deck and studio monitors

    Ahhh your right, they are not linked! I missed that (haven't used them yet)
  11. Using deck and studio monitors

    Thanks Phillipe, So this will suffice: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adam-Hall-Male-Audio-Cable/dp/B004BR2VJ6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1413884296&sr=8-1&keywords=2+x+rca+to+xlr ?
  12. Using deck and studio monitors

    So I have a set of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/M-Audio-BX5-D2-Powered-Monitor/dp/B005F3H6Q8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1413879609&sr=8-2&keywords=bx5 (What a bargain they are at the moment!) The monitors only have a balanced XLR or 1/4" jack input. I'm looking for a suggestion on the best (and best sounding) way to get my JB-980 connected up to them? I can't seem to find a balanced 2xRCA to XLR cable.
  13. Pre-Rec Albums spare? Let me know....

  14. Albums for sale perhaps?

    You have mail -Chris
  15. What have you just bought?

    Happy with my haul this week- A JE-510 deck, brand spanking never used condition (box was still sealed) for £30 delivered. A NZ-710, NF810 and a E75 job lot for £30. And a NZ-710 in box and all for £15.99 Now on the lookout for albums!