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    Tascam MD-02, HHB MDP 500 PORTADISC, Sony MZ-RH1, Sony MZ-NH700, Sony MZ-N710, Sharp MD-MS722, Sony MZ-R37
  1. Clone MD > MD

    Thanks all, both units are a bit pricey for me. I have 150 to duplicate for a MD release on my record label next year. I've got a Tascam MD-02 deck that will hopefully last for the task.
  2. Clone MD > MD

    Does the MDS-W1 do bit for bit cloning? Info reads like it's an optical transfer? Looking at the MDS-B5/B6P seems promising: 'Two units cabled together can perform high speed (4X) disc cloning, including both audio and text, with no ATRAC generation loss.'
  3. Is it possible to clone a minidisc? MD > MD that retains album / song information? A professional deck maybe?
  4. Official Minidisc Logo

    The one on wikipedia is an svg file, it will scale to any size. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MiniDiscLogo.svg
  5. FOR SALE: TDK BIT CLUB 10-pack MiniDiscs NEW

    Interested if you still have them. Sent pm.
  6. Official Minidisc Logo

    Yes, I think I have some of the same. The 'M' does taper towards the angles.
  7. Sony MZ-N710 charge problem

    I had a similar problem with my N710 but there were no signs of corrosion. Using a fine craft knife, I bent the little triangle shaped piece of metal that needs to make contact with the positive on the battery. That particular piece of metal had been flattened over time and lost contact with the positive.
  8. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    Yes within the main body rather than the detachable case.
  9. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    MZ-N510, MZ-R700, MZ-N707, MZ-NF610, MZ-E310, MZ-G755, MZ-RH710, MZ-NH700, S1, MZ-E300
  10. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    The trouble with doing that is there are hundreds of results which include portables that use gumstick batteries. Edit: Although 'AA formfactor' yields better results..
  11. Like the MZ-NH700 only uses a AA, what other models are there? No gumsticks!
  12. Official Minidisc Logo

    Thanks, you might be right. The wikipedia logo is on a transparent background so the tapering is emphasised.
  13. Official Minidisc Logo

    I've had a look at the one on wikipedia, but if you look at the letter 'M' see how it tapers inwards, I'm sure the one on my recorder doesn't do that.
  14. Official Minidisc Logo

    I'm looking for the official minidisc logo, prefereably a vector or high resolution. There's a few on the web but they seem to be fan recreations with varying degrees of accuracy.
  15. Thanks