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  1. I bought a second hand Tascam MD-02 from eBay. You can tell how much they have been used as they are able to report how long they have spent recording. Mine had only done 16 minutes!
  2. It will be released in April. Yes both me and Tim are MD fans
  3. Yes, I was looking at those but prefer the white ink and more subtle design on the neige.
  4. I am using Sony Neige 80 discs. I've had some transparent stickers made with white ink. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GzDIcXGlKX4AyqLq6ul7SqZv3ZrGhubq/view?usp=sharing I'm using the standard frosted white cases that come with the neige but replacing the j-card inside. I'll post the full product and templates once it's released. It will be a few months yet!
  5. This does effect the length but, it's the same CD being copied and the same setting used to sync (silence level detect + new track detect on the Tascam). Also I have come across some bad minidiscs that throw more sync errors to the point I have to abandon the copy and use another disc!
  6. I have seen some strange behaviour when duplicating minidiscs. I'm using optical sync on a Tascam MD-02 deck. The total length of each disk varies by +/- 2 seconds. Also had some sync errors which means a track is missing, this happens in about 1 in every 5 discs. I know this problem wont be common as not many will have had the need to duplicate so many discs but just wondering if you have any thoughts or suggestions?
  7. Slightly off topic, if I use SonicStage to transfer the files I have recorded in standard MD format, does SonicStage compress them or alter them when copying back to PC? I'm using the RH1 to transfer them.
  8. I run a record label and plan a release next year on MD. I've sourced over 150 MDs.
  9. damn, a long duplication session awaits me
  10. Had another thought re cloning and trying to save time copying 100s of discs in real time. Once I've recorded the master minidisc (CD>OPTICAL>MD) in original standard play format. Using the mz-rh1 I name the tracks on the minidisc via sonic stage then copy the atrac files from the disc to the PC. Put another minidisc in the mz-rh1 and copy the atrac files back to MD?
  11. Thanks all, both units are a bit pricey for me. I have 150 to duplicate for a MD release on my record label next year. I've got a Tascam MD-02 deck that will hopefully last for the task.
  12. Does the MDS-W1 do bit for bit cloning? Info reads like it's an optical transfer? Looking at the MDS-B5/B6P seems promising: 'Two units cabled together can perform high speed (4X) disc cloning, including both audio and text, with no ATRAC generation loss.'
  13. Is it possible to clone a minidisc? MD > MD that retains album / song information? A professional deck maybe?
  14. The one on wikipedia is an svg file, it will scale to any size. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MiniDiscLogo.svg
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