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  1. Minidisc -An appreciation (Teckmoan"s video)

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching that, thanks for posting! Kevin
  2. Help! Anyone have access to an MDS-E10 Pro Deck??

    Thanks guys, interesting... I'll have a play with the settings when I get a few moments after our run of shows is finished in a couple of weeks.
  3. Help! Anyone have access to an MDS-E10 Pro Deck??

    Slightly incomplete info and only 14 years late to the thread, but hey, I'm back in the "MD game" as it were... I have just acquired an MDS-E12, UK spec. The Setup menu has a Copy Bit setting. This is not described in the User or Service Manual. It has options: PreRecorded, Inhibit and Permit. I haven't yet determined what each setting does, but it looks interesting for SCMS. It's possible SCMS is only forced on US-spec machines as it was that juristiction that forced the implementation of SCMS in the first place (so I understand).
  4. MDS-JE530 C13 intermittent

    Hurrah, at last I've found the correct connector for the IOP/measurement port. JST SH1.25 6 pin. Only took me 3 goes... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-PAIRS-6-PIN-Micro-JST-SH1-25-Connector-Plug-Socket-1-25mm-150mm-Cable-/272781618226?hash=item3f830d2c32
  5. Hurrah, at last I've found the correct connector for the IOP/measurement port. JST SH1.25 6 pin. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-PAIRS-6-PIN-Micro-JST-SH1-25-Connector-Plug-Socket-1-25mm-150mm-Cable-/272781618226?hash=item3f830d2c32
  6. MDS-JE530 C13 intermittent

    Hey fella, it's not your fault! I looked up the spec on the thing and thought it just might fit. "Nice" though it is, it just aint gonna go! The whole head is just too large to tuck in under the OWH and get close to the OP. It's got a bendy bit to the shaft but that doesn't help in this instance. That Sanwa LP1 looks quite cute - and annoyingly not that much more than I paid for the BC20... :-( It's a shame I can't seem to raise NGY - I bet he's got some of those PCBs he made lying around...! We'll get there in the end!!! Quite interesting if a little frustrating (and costly...!). Kevin
  7. MDS-JE530 C13 intermittent

    Brief update... my 530 is still playing up. Fiddling with the LDPWR for read up and down by 3 clicks is not helping. The LPM I bought from eBay has a sensor head that is just too big to get anywhere near the OP what with the OWH in the way and all that. So I'm now looking at building an in-disc LPM like NGY did: Unfortunately there is not much detailed circuit info I can glean from the otherwise excellent set of photos that NGY posted. However I have bread-boarded a design using a BPW34 photodiode and a LTC1050 op-amp configured as a transimpedance amplifier (TIA). This is working nicely on the bench with an LED torch, but this is of course not 780nm light and nor do I know how much the laser light will impact the PD surface. Thus I don't really know what gain to set the TIA at! On the bench with the torch, a 1M feedback resistor gives a nice voltage range with a 5V PSU but I've no idea how the MD's LD will compare! I guess I'll have to make a PCB with a number of options for selecting/paralleling resistors and "suck it and see". I've also been trying (in vain so far) to get the correct connector for the IOP socket on the MDM-5 drive. It looks like a JST connector but the 1.0mm SH series is too small, and the 1.5mm ZH series is too large. Having tried to measure the pin pitch, I've found a 1.25mm version, that the eBay sellers are suggesting is GH series - although when I look into this on the JST website, it looks completely the wrong style of connector! There's a similar Molex connector series, but no-one on eBay is selling any pre-made leads, and I'm not getting into buying crimping tools! This is starting to feel like a "principal of" job now. I could have bought 3 machines at the current rate of spend.... :-( More updates in due course... sigh...
  8. Help Needed: Music Recorded to Minidisc (Will Pay)

    Where are you geographically? eBay in the UK has plenty of Sony machines going for a reasonably low price (~50GBP). Is this not so wherever you are? Kevin
  9. MiniDisc Addiction. Do you have one?

    Oh heck, it's 2018 and I've (re)joined this strangely addictive club. Can I hold back at 5 machines (4 of which I use, 1 I'm trying my best to repair)? Now I'm panic buying new blanks. There's no hope. How many addicted members are still active in this area in 2018? I see from eBay today that full-size machines are still selling well - lots of bids and pretty decent prices on the good-condition machines. I must stop looking...must stop...must stop...!
  10. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Hi, Looking at the SM p55 CN701 (which mates to CN800 on p43).I don't know what type if loom this is, but as it looks to be double row from the PCB layout, maybe the connector is pin-in-body type. If it is, is it possible to swap around pins 7 and 9 in the CN701 mating connector? This will swap JOG0/JOG1 and possibly could correct your rotation direction issue. I've recently replaced a similar encoder in my Tascam MD-CD1, and also had to use a Bournes part because the Alps part with the correct shaft length is discontinued. Fortunately the Bournes was pretty much an exact replacement and works correctly (if maybe a little stiffer). Regards, Kevin
  11. MDS-JE530 C13 intermittent

    Stephen - I don't mind either way, your help has been invaluable, thank you. When the LPM arrives I'll see if I can fathom that out and piece together more of the puzzle! Thanks! Kevin ETA: Nope we're not playing "read the TOC" any more on the 11 setting (or the 10 setting!). Disc reads fine in the '520, but the '530 he say C13 at the moment! Back to the drawing board...!
  12. MDS-JE530 C13 intermittent

    So tonight, ye olde MDS-JE530 decided, from "cold" (room temperature) that it didn't want to read discs. Aha, here's my chance to have a tweak of the laser read power! (I don't have an LPM yet, so just nudging one step as per Stephen's suggestion). Starting point: LDPWR 0.9mW$10 (for reference/comparison LDPWR 7.0mW$91) Try one click down to 0F -> NG. Go back to 10 -> still NG. Go two clicks down to 0E -> NG. Try one back up to 0F -> NG. Try back at original value 10 -> NG. Let's go crazy and go one click up, try 11 -> TOC reads and is still doing so with a few more loading trials... So is this real or just concidence, or maybe it's warmed up a bit - ok the whole sequence only took a couple of minutes, but who knows! Let's test again some more now, and try again "from cold" tomorrow! Is it possible that this machine has so few running hours because the factory setup was just a touch too low for read making it unreliable for the original owner with the C13 Read Error problem? I can't see that the laser output power would have deteriorated with the recorded use it's had. Cosmetics don't suggest the machine has had heavy use and thus might have been "clocked". Maybe a little early to judge or draw conclusions, I guess only time will tell! OK, so just for interest I adjust back to the original value of 10 -> surprise, surprise, TOC reads! I think I'll go back to the 11 setting and test again tomorrow. Who can tell! I've just had a look at the settings on my fully-functioning MDS-JE520. I get: 0.9mW$11, 7.0mW$96, 0.7mW$0D, 6.2mW$85, IOP=55.8/55.4. I think this leaves me a little more comfortable trying the 11 setting on the 530, although I realise all of the lasers have the drive tuned to match their particular characteristics.
  13. MDS-JE530 C13 intermittent

    Ok, job done! Cheers. I’ll let you know...! Kevin
  14. Sorry for the late nudge on this one. NGY, can you remember the part number/style of this 6P plug for the IOP measurement jig? The SM does not identify the manufacturer/series number. It may well be a JST part as is common with Japanese kit - certainly my Tascam MDs seem to use JST PCB connectors, but a tiny variety! Also the PCB inside the MD shell - is that one you designed/etched yourself? It's very neat! Thanks, Kevin
  15. MDS-JE530 C13 intermittent

    Hmmm, interesting. What sort of device would I be looking for (sorry it would be "on eBay"...), makes, models to look at and to avoid, and does it need any "attachments" such as a "remote" sensor that can be positioned close to the OP with the OWH in the way? What sort of money would I be looking at (any currency I can convert to GBP!). Needs to be able to sense 780nm light, clearly! So as an example does this look appropriate? Handles 780nm and power range to 20mW. The sensor looks a little on the large size for MD access but seems to be "the right sort of thing". https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPHIR-laser-power-Meter-Monitor-USED/253314347677?hash=item3afab6329d:g:xeIAAOSw-jFaM-V3 http://www.ophiropt.com/laser--measurement/laser-power-energy-meters/products/Laser-Photodiode-Sensors/Special-Photodiode-Sensors/BC20 Thanks!