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  1. That's true from my failed searches! Yellow-ringed RCA sockets you can get. I've not found an orange one anywhere - except on that stacked TOSLINK/Coax part I listed above from CPC.
  2. I'm on the case. Might have a little gift for you in a few weeks... (months...!)
  3. MDS-JE480 I'd expect, it's a sub-equiped 980! Never done it but my assessment would be this is not a trivial job - mostly down to the desoldering required to remove the old one first. No doubt some have done it but to do it you'd need a donor drive and I'd just fit that one instead.
  4. Stephen, I bumped into this thread of yours from way back - actually similar to the reason I was looking at TOSLINK RX/TX several hours ago which lead me to the writing of this thread. I was thinking how to duplicate the TOSLINK out from my PC to both my MDS-JE520 and the MDS-JE480 - the latter that has made it in from the shed to the office since I wanted to record a lengthy radio program in LP4 (beloved 520 being an SP-only machine). I'm thinking I might make a small project of this and address some of the design weaknesses that lead to the demise of your splitter (like a 5V reg as @NGY suggested there). Between @NGY musing an IOP breakout board and myself, seems there might be a little cottage industry in 2021 with some mini MD projects...
  5. kgallen

    Three wise men !!

    @M1JWR - with this last batch of machines do you need to reconsider your comments on addiction made in this post ("addiction in my case, not sure")? You're hopelessly hooked now like the rest of us! Keep it up!!!
  6. :-P That's fine, Simon. Where the PCB is already designed with the various options for optical/coax, then the suitable parts need to be purchased and soldered into the designed-in locations. At most a couple of Rs, Cs are needed plus these hard-to-find optical modules. I'm still scratching my head to understand why my Pro E12s don't have the optical I/O since the E10 has and the PCB is the same. On a £750 machine (as was at new) they've saved a couple of pounds off the BOM by not fitting the RX and TX optical, a couple of Rs, Cs and ferrite beads.
  7. No, I've no idea now why I started doing this, but as I did, I'm writing it down! There are some topics here on this forum regarding adding optical I/O to those decks that had such features cost-reduced away. Narrative seems to be that the required 3V diodes are hard to find these days, and certainly looking at the part specified for my MDS-JE520, it seems indeed that the original Sharp devices are obsolete. Also noted in some posts are a Toshiba part, e.g. TOTX173, but this also seems obsolete. However having a browse around I did end up at some Cliff components that are readily available and so far as Farnell's labelling goes, are a "Best Seller", so let's hope they stay available for a bit longer. So here goes and sorry if you all already knew this... Based on the Sony MDS-JE520 Service Manual, the original parts were Sharp GP1F38 series 3V devices. These used the separate plug-in "dust plug". The newer Sharp series use the inbuilt flap as do the Cliff components parts that seem available at least in the UK. The newer Sharp model and the Cliff model match the original Sharp model on mechanical dimensions and light wavelength. However the newer models have a wider operational voltage range that suit both 3V and 5V designs. Check the Service Manual for your Deck to see if these parts are also suitable for your machine. Note also Cliff seem to number the pins in the reverse order to Sharp, but based on the mechanical drawings the same physical pin position is the same signal/supply as the Sharp part. Transmitter Sharp GP1F38T -> Sharp GP1FAV31TK0F -> Cliff FCR684205T (OTJ-5) CPC (£1.36) Farnell (£2.83 - yes CPC and Farnell are the same company, go figure on the pricing...) Receiver Sharp GP1F38R -> Sharp GP1FAV31RK0F -> Cliff FCR684205R (ORJ-5) CPC - not stocked Farnell (£4.19) Prices as of Dec/2020. These components are also listed by others on eBay (including in the US) at suitably inflated prices. I couldn't find either of the Cliff parts listed on Digikey or Mouser. If you happen to be doing a DIY-job, Cliff also do a neat combined TOSLINK optical RX/RCA(coax) module ORJ-6. The two parts have separate pinout and whilst the TOSLINK is an optical receiver, the RCA jack is just a socket, so you could use for either input or output to suit your needs. This product won't fit into the PCB of any of the Sony decks but you might find it interesting for your own project/design. CPC (£2.36) Farnell (£5.80, yup...) Example thread:
  8. I thought the same about the various MDM-7SC drives in my Pro units (E10, E12). But there does seem to be a small difference for some reason, maybe firmware on the drive? Had similar ‘not fully playing ball’ issues with a 440 drive in a 480 (Type S) which is essentially what you have, although I was never sure if that was down to the 440 drive seeming a little fickle even in its own machine. The ribbon sizes and positions should be identical on your 940/980 so I’d give it a try although as above x40 is not Type S. Otherwise see if the OWH is swappable. I think electrically it’s a 2pin header although mechanically it might be very fiddly.
  9. kgallen

    Three wise men !!

    Cheers! I've ordered some of them too. I'm going to be overrun with belts now :-D
  10. kgallen

    Three wise men !!

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/gersbachsoundtechnik 15 x 1.0 was about the best I could find. Original seems to be 17 x 0.8 but I can't find this size anywhere.
  11. kgallen

    Three wise men !!

    Last week I also succumbed to an MDS-E12 which is now repaired/serviced and working nicely. Ooops. :-) Had some fun getting a belt that worked though. My usual 17mm x 1.2mm wouldn’t play. Needed something thinner. Original seems to be 0.8mm but these seem impossible to find in the around-17mm size. Ordered some 15mm x 1.0mm from Germany, will let you know how I get on...
  12. We seem to have had some outage on SIF recently, so as it appears back up I though I'd take the opportunity to say "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (2021)" to everyone here and especially those on the Minidisc Forum. It's been a fun year there with lots of great threads and lots of machines brought back from the scrap. At risk of forgetting one of my close collaborators I forward special wishes to @sfbp, @NGY, @BearBoy, @M1JWR, @freddyjollo, @bluecrab, @jonathanpotato, @PhilippeC and hope 2021 is as minidisc-fulfilling as 2020! With the UK pretty much going into Covid-19 lockdown yet again and probably similar happening across the world, I hope you all manage to have a peaceful and safe holiday. Kevin
  13. Surely plastic shutters are blunt ones. Sorry... I'll get my coat... :-D
  14. As this is a Hi-MD machine are we in to any Hi-MD disc compatibility or formatting issues I've seen mentioned on other threads? Is there anything telling about a "disc with a plastic shutter" - all of my normal (non Hi-MD discs) have metal shutters - MO and CD type. I wouldn't know, but do Hi-MD disc have plastic shutters?
  15. kgallen

    Test Jigs

    You’ve been busy! That’s some good debug and repair you’ve done on that set of decks. All brought back from the dead- good news!
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