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  1. I think you know what you're doing - but it looks to me like you will need to drill the PCB very precisely to take these pins. That is assuming there are no other PCB traces in the way and that the copper fill planes on top and bottom are the same signal (GND hopefully) otherwise you will create a dead short, possibly across a power supply (say +3V3 is on the top and 0V on the bottom). Risky. Do lots of physical and electrical checks and good luck...!
  2. This weekend I had to do exactly the same (again) with my 530. It started failing to read discs. Give the two ribbons a clean and also voila, normal service resumes! Result!
  3. Tascam MD-CD1 (Mk1) UK Model (no LA-MC1 balanced I/O kit fitted) DSP=CXD2662AR (ATRAC1 Type-R/ATRAC3 MDLP)
  4. Tascam MD-801R UK Model (note: Keyboard/Remote PCB is missing, fluorescent display -30V inverter is missing and replaced with experimental solution) DSP=CXD2531BR (ATRAC1 v2) two-channel ATRAC encoder/decoder with separate CXD2525AR EFM/ACIRC encoder/decoder. BU-801 optional buffer RAM location (unpopulated in this machine) shown above. CXD2531BR_Sony.pdf CXD2525AQ-Sony.pdf
  5. Sony MDS-E10 UK Model DSP=CXD2662AR (ATRAC1 Type-R/ATRAC3 MDLP)
  6. Sony MDS-E12 UK Model DSP=CXD2662AR (ATRAC1 Type-R/ATRAC3 MDLP) Note: Front panel is mostly the same as MDS-E10 shown below. E12 input selection switch is between bal/unbal/coax.
  7. Sony MDS-JE530 UK Model DSP=CXD2656AR (ATRAC1 Type-R)
  8. Labelled: hmm... I do need a gold coloured screw...
  9. From these two datasheets (one for the DLT-1150, one for the Cliff OTJ-5 [known to work and fit]), the pinout and pin pitch looks the same, but the mechanicals for the DLT-1150 are a little different - the plastic support pins are in a different position and there is no self-tapping screw hole for support. So you'll have to cut off the plastic lugs then be relying on the 3 soldered PCB connections. So electrically it will probably work (I didn't compare the electrical characteristic), but it will be mechanically weak - inserting a TOSLINK plug will tend to want to cam the connector on the PCB.
  10. This is a relatively late model. They seem to have gone back to through hole components. How bizarre. At this date 2001-ish I'm very surprised surface mount wasn't far cheaper. Far easier for us now though!
  11. Quite possibly perished load and drive belts. I can really help much more other than suggest you look for a Service Manual (Sony are generally pretty good with this) and try and figure out if your machine has any rubber belts and if you can find the spec of these if so. It’s possible you could find a seller on, say eBay, that can provide a kit of those required - although this is not fool proof depending on the knowledge and experience of the seller (wrong size belts, wrong type, missing belts).
  12. Thanks Stephen. Hopefully I should be good with the hardware side of it (await crying post in a couple of weeks!). At this point I'm assuming that Win7 will have a built-in driver for the motherboard RS232 port as it will be part of the standard "AT" chipset that's been on every PC from the start of time (I think!). If not then i guess I'll need to get one of those USB-RS232 adaptors, but it seems silly to need to do so! (I have a real aversion to the USB mechanicals since it has no secure locking mechanism - although nowhere near as bad as HDMI, what an abortion that is - weak insecure plug/s
  13. No rush! Do this when you're ready. I just wanted to check I hadn't missed your posting and you were wondering why no-one was playing with your new software! I'll be using it with an E12 (don't have an E11), so if you know of any obvious incompatibilities then let me know. First problem, possibly is to get a PC to use it's RS232 port... I have a Win 7Pro 32-bit with RS232 so it should be possible... :-)
  14. I'm slightly embarrassed to ask as in theory I should be able to work it out... however this is slightly new territory for me. Ctrl-S is input only (e.g. MDS-E10, MDS-E12). Can this be driven from a Control-A1 [or Control-A1(II)] "output" to transfer titles from the Control-A1 MD to the Ctrl-S MD? From the SM, the MDS-E10 Ctrl-S input circuit is a little different to the Control-A1, but as @sfbp has said on a number of threads, these, plus SIRCS plus IR are all based around the "IR Remove Control" protocol. So has anyone tried this type of connection and did it work? Any issues
  15. Jonas, this looks promising. Are you able to share your code? (Sorry if I’ve missed this above!) Kevin
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