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  1. i think i know what it is and i'm not telling !!!!
  2. Sony MDS-JB920 s/n 5507107, some similarities to the 930 inside here
  3. ok,thats good, now you know what to do in future, know nowt about dat apart from that they are problematic and complicated.
  4. push from the very back of the drive the first one just above where it says 12 then the other next to it
  5. yes, take cover off then look at pic of the drive unit you will see two white block bits, the inner to the right broader one first, give it a wee push towards the front, only about quarter to half an inch or so, just till it stops, that lifts the disc out of its sort of play position and lines it up for eject, then the other to the immediate left, it has what looks like teeth and a spring on, you should now be able to push that one all the way till it stops and then you can take the disc out of the front of the deck in the usual manner,the deck should now switch on, after that you are back to
  6. usually means there is a disc stuck inside, make sure thats not the case before we go any further, otherwise known hereabouts as stuck in stand by and your belt change might not have gone aswell as you thought,if thats the case, dont worry its easy to get out.
  7. Sony MDS-JE470 UK Model s/n 6606300
  8. M1JWR

    MDS JE470

    Have now recieved the deck, easier than expected,replaced the long spring for the eject as somebody had put a silly thing there, hopefully seen in the gap in the pic,noticed a possible repair with what looks like superglue to the owh mount, the belt had been replaced with something a tad thick for my likeing so replaced that and the good news it all works and records and writes toc too so success, over pic of deck in deck inside pics thread
  9. Sony MDS-JB930 UK model, s/n 602724
  10. M1JWR

    MDS JE470

    this is gonna be a challenge, could have a bit of fun and frustration with this one, somebody has messed up replacing the eject belt and knackered the springs, really you can only knacker one, more info when i get it, comes with spare belts remote and owners manual, going by the pics, i know where the long spring comes from and i have one from a mdm 7 drive i broke for spares some time ago, as for the small one on the side, unless ive used it, thats the one that will make things interesting, on ebay compleated listings if anybody wants a look see !!
  11. Here is a pic of inside a je470 showing all the unpopulated i/o ports,also shown is the pc link connection for refrence, if you have a 480, from what i remember adding any extra i/o ports is a no go as there is nothing there, wonder if the 470 mainboard has similarities to the higher 770 model.
  12. true stephen, thing is the usb was/is convenient even though sonic stage was rather crap, still handy for titling discs though, otherwise i found that with sonic stage transfer to pc can only be done with the player the pc transferred to in the first place, now i wonder where that mz n1 portable is that i had, did loadsa discs with that before i got the 980, i have a feeling that it is with an old mate in luxembourg, drat !!
  13. nice expeimentation, the bummer is, that if sony added a usb system like on the 980 earlier then none of this would be needed,all good stuff all the same, no wonder 980's cost mega bucks,its all about that usb, dispite its much poorer internal build quality
  14. not that i know what you lot are on about,i will just add that the 470 has pc link,dont know about keyboard function though, just my 2p worth to confuse matters even further !
  15. you have a lot more portables than i have, i have a mz r909, bought in the boomtime, around 2007, mint came with all its kit and 5 xsiv discs, 4 unused £20 all in, and a mz-n1 also with all its kit same price area, its at a friends house, has been for a long time, you know the score, will never see it again !!!
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