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  1. MiniDisc Addiction. Do you have one?

    This thread has been going on for a dozen years! I currently have 9 decks, with most of them in some kind of active use. An MXD-D400 is in a box and there were prior decks I no longer have—perhaps another six? Although I'm not actually planning on acquiring any more...never say never. Have a few portables, too...rarely used. Head units in two cars. On and on it goes :-)
  2. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    Thanks for the details, PhillipeC...a delight to a quasi-geek such as I. Best of luck with the project! :-)
  3. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    13TB 13???I guess 5k # hi-res will do that! I have the majority of stuff in ALAC, so I'm saving much space, albeit not as much as with MD. Oddly, I think my JA20ES sounds better than the ALAC files, many of which came from CD. Doesn't really make sense (I am using a decent DAC with the ALAC), but so say my ears. I expect that 2 TB will be enough for me, so I put a 2TB SSD in my MBP Are your 13 TB external?
  4. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    That's exactly what I have done, using iTunes. Easier to backup. And you don't have to hack the hard drive—upgrading is straightforward. Further, even 1TB would put me in "worried about space" mode. Still, the NAC-HD1 is an attractive and standalone device....not that I am getting one, ever.
  5. Help Needed: Music Recorded to Minidisc (Will Pay)

    I'm in the US and can record to MD from CD and some other sources. How much material will you have? You can PM me.
  6. FOR SALE: SOLD 50 blank MDs (23 brand-new, 27 used—all work fine). Included are 57 individual cases, 5 cases that each hold 5 MDs, 7 empty individual cases. and a CaseLogic that holds 12 MDs. A few of the used have some label residue...most are clean. Asking $90 USD for it all, OR make me an offer for all or part. Photos and spreadsheet attached. MD Blanks.xlsx
  7. Sony MDS-E10 problem

    No doubt about it, that is a seriously critical factor in sound reproduction. I notice it over and over again.
  8. Sony MDS-E10 problem

    Oddly enough, that is not what led me to the E10. It just happened to pop up. Its 1-rack size meant it would fit in the narrow space I had for it, and I needed LP ability there. I didn't even know that the E10 defeated SCMS and that wasn't in its doc. Someone pointed me to that menu function. Between the E10 and my HHB BurnIT, I was able to retire the SCMS-killing device I'd been using. The E10's a good recorder, but not on a par with Sony's better MD decks for playback. My JA22ES provides a good DAC for the E10, though.
  9. Sony MDS-E10 problem

    I have always felt that way, too; that is, pro units of any kind are likely to have been hard-used, even if taken care of well. Last year (or was it the prior year?), I was interested in but wary of an MDS-E10 that I saw on Craigslist. I figured going in to Boston and taking a look at it couldn't hurt, so I did. Smitten by the thing, I took the leap. The price wasn't too bad, the seller accepted a bit of a lower offer, and he even fixed the non-mechanical eject issue on the spot. That E10 has been working fine so far, knock wood, and it deals the death blow to SCMS. Once in a while, you get lucky! Sorry to hear of the woes with the OP's unit, though. The E10's a wonderful recorder, but somewhat in the shadow of its betters for playback. BTW, the seller was a professional musician who had transitioned from MD.
  10. Clone MD > MD

    Thanks! The prices on buyee certainly are in line with what I would pay. However, my prior experience there resulted in what seemed to be higher additional fees than they originally stated, and by a lot. There was also an issue with the new-looking item itself (MDS-JA22ES) that had to be resolved. With help from here and elsewhere, the problem was fixed, although likely not permanently. Perhaps that was just a one-off in terms of what to expect, but it did make me wary. It doesn't help that all the MDS-W1 units are almost 20 years old now, with no easy way to tell beforehand what each one has been through. Five years ago, I probably would have just done it and hoped for the best. Not so today. Still tempting!
  11. Clone MD > MD

    That's not much! Well, if I'm ever in the neighborhood... [sigh]...I was just never quite able to get my hands on one of these. A couple of deals fell through (UK and JPN). A Danish guy was going to sell me one...until I got a Danish-speaking colleague involved, who found out that the would-be seller didn't actually have the deck yet...he could get me one, he said...no thanks, I said. And then there was someone here in the US who just wanted too much $$$. The big draw for me was not so much the bit-copy ability as it was the sequential play and the two independent mechanisms. C'est la vie.
  12. Clone MD > MD

    "Aaah philippeb, one day I feel I will crack down in the MD world bying the W1 unit. At least I can find one quite easily in Viêt-Nam.' You can? What do they cost there?
  13. I simply enjoyed reading your account, seeing the pix, and appreciating what you've accomplished. Thanks. Eagerly awaiting your review. As to, "still actually have casettes somewhere"—that is true for me also, although I have been disposing of them fairly rapidly. My current main project is getting all my CDs, MDs, and some cassettes into iTunes on a MacbookPro. Since by no means are all the media straightforward store-bought, this at times requires some tedious work and patience on my part. For cassettes, that means first, recording the CS to MD. Sometimes track marks are picked up, sometimes not. If the latter, then I have to add them. Then delete any blank tracks from the MD. Next, the MD is transferred to CD-RW. This happens in a different system on a different floor from the CS > MD transfer. I use an MDS-E10 and HHB BurnIT to create the CD-RW. When that's done, I pop the CD-RW into the MBP, say an incantation, and hope that somehow, Gracenote picks up the tracks and I won't have to enter everything via keyboard. This happens more than I though it would, even in a couple of cases where the original material was never put on commercial CD. Like you, I sometimes wonder about the time I spend on this—I think I have about 2,000 pieces of digital media and much smaller number of cassettes. Also like you, I'm enjoying the project. Keep on keepin' on, amigo! (I apologize for wandering off on this tangent.)
  14. CA680X Sony Head Unit $50 Reduced. I'd rather see it go to a good home then just bin it. Make me an offer! FOR SALE: CA680X Sony Head Unit. When last in car, was working. Type R, MDLP, etc. $60 USD includes ship to CON US. Original box. Thanks for looking! (What you see in the pic is what there is.) http://minidisc.org/part_Sony_MDX-CA680X.html
  15. CA680X For sale was $60, now $50

    I am happy to report that the CA680X has found a new place in the world. It went from Massachusetts to a good home in Saskatchewan, just for the cost of shipping. I feel much better about this than binning the unit. :-) The USPS and Canada Post managed to get it there intact, too!
  16. MD as DAC question

    What exactly happens when an MD deck is being used as a DAC and receives a digital signal? For example, if you take optical out from one MD deck and feed it to optical in of another. Does ATRAC become involved? I'm not that great at schematics, but I looked at the SM for MDS-JA20ES and it does look like all digital in gets routed through the ATRAC chip. It seems unlikely that an already decoded signal would be decoded/processed again, but....does anyone know?
  17. MD as DAC question

    Yes, that could be. The D400's having optical out is a big plus—D40 does not.
  18. MD as DAC question

    Well, the MXD-D400 isn't on the same level of playback SQ as, for example the JB930—but I knew that. It sounds acceptable and does have Type S. No, what I mean is that you can't use the D400 as a DAC like you can with most decks. That and it doesn't have demo mode. Seems odd because the lesser MXD-D40 has both of those features.
  19. MD as DAC question

    Thank you for confirming that, Stephen. I could not be sure that my perception was correct. So the IC containing the ATRAC chip isn't involved at all? BTW, The one deck I have (actually I have 2 of them) that lacks the pass-through DAC functionality is the MXD-D400. Although I found this out at no cost to me, I was disappointed.
  20. MD as DAC question

    Exactly, BearBoy. It would never even have occurred to me that an MD's D.In might send everything to be processed by ATRAC. However, when that possibility was suggested to me, I thought it best to look into it further. It may even be that all digital in on an MD deck does go through the IC containing the ATRAC processor...but that doesn't mean ATRAC is necessarily doing something to that signal. At least, according to my totally guess-like interpretation of the schematic for the JE530 in this regard. (Seriously no more than a semi-informed guess.) Thank the heavens for sfbp! ;-) That all said, I have two MD decks I am using not only as decks, but as DACs: JA22ES and JB930. Coincidentally or otherwise, these units have a DAC in common (CXD-8735N). It's all kind of mish-mish and I often have to use an xls I made to determine which piece goes where, but it all, happily, works out.
  21. MD as DAC question

    Sorry, Philippe. What I am trying to ask (because the subject was brought up elsewhere) is whether ATRAC comes into play when one is using the MD deck as a DAC. So I could also give the example of taking the optical signal from a CD player and passing it to the MD deck. Although I don't see where ATRAC would be involved, it has been suggested that it does. Sorry for any confusion! (I am of course well aware that Copying is an entirely different process than what I am referring to.)
  22. CA680X For sale was $60, now $50

    Thanks, Phillipe, for the suggestions. Unfortunately, one of the last things I need right now is another MD within my four walls. Also, I'm just not going to fuss all that much about it. I'm pretty sure that I'm headed in the direction of line-in/mp3/bluetooth/whatever. The sad truth is that what I mainly listen to when I'm driving is the sound of my car. Gears, motor, and everything else—it's all a kind of music to my ears.
  23. CA680X For sale was $60, now $50

    Looks like between here and elsewhere, no one one wants it. Poor thing! Off to the recycling center with it, then. It served me well and it came with a lot of used MDs that introduced me to a lot of new music. I always liked its SQ, but was less crazy about the somewhat fiddly (to me) controls. RIP.
  24. FOR SALE: 50 blank MDs and extra cases (now SOLD)

    Actually was sold over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/minidiscgroup/ but did go pretty quickly.
  25. Even though I have neither of these machines—the lack of either S/PDIF or USB is the deal-breaker for me—it's good to see this kind of community spirit!