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  1. What Was The Last Film You Saw?

    I wasn't sure if that was a slip, or if you really wanted to recommend it. I know that I want to show it to as many people I can, so that I can try and open their minds. Anything to inspire people to become film nerds like me. I have seen more movies in the past 3 years, than I have in my entire life. I think that is what took my attention away from digital audio and these forums.
  2. Hellos and Goodbyes

    Hello, Good to see everyone is still kicking.
  3. need to buy any md deck

    I'm in Canada and have a Je-510 I'd be willing to part with if anyone is interested. It's only a SP recorder, but it works great and has optical out.
  4. What Was The Last Film You Saw?

    Such a good film, in my top 10 at the moment. Are you sure you would recommend this film for people who like well defined plots? The first time I saw it I was totally lost. Last movie I saw was 28 Weeks later. Not bad, too many americans though.
  5. Forum Milestone

    Good work Chris and the gang! Best of luck in 007.
  6. What have you just bought?

    My last 2 large purchases were: Nikon D70s DSLR camera w/ lense and A LG external DVD+-RW DL burner.
  7. 15Th Minidisc aniversary in 2007

    Wow, 15 years! 2007 will be my 5th aniversary with MD.
  8. Little Dot Micro+ pictorial

    That looks it would sound really nice, I always found portables a little weak for Eggo's to really shine, and a little amp makes the sound a lot better.
  9. The Official Happy Birthday Thread..

    Hey thanks guys! Even though I got demoted :-P I hope I can still stick around and help out from time to time. You kids and your Hi-MD, I can never keep up. Thanks everyone!
  10. FIFA World Cup 2006 Thread

    Should be a good matchup. France played very well against Spain in my opinion and I hope them well! Call me a hopeful thinker, but I think England will lose to Portugal.
  11. What Was The Last Film You Saw?

    I saw: Grandma's Boy Running Scared Date Movie Grandma's Boy was funny, not a good movie, but funny for videogamers/stoners ( I am both ) and Running Scared was very violent and intense. Date movie Sucks.
  12. What have you just bought?

    Picked up some CDs, a local band and Jack White's new effort "The Racontuers". Both are pretty good, and I enjoy them both. Also picked up "Jpod" by Canadian writer Douglas Coupland. Being from Van, Camille probably knows who I am talking about. Cynicism for the Google age!!! My birthday is coming up in under a month, so I am waiting till then to make any purchases, just incase I buy something my roommates/girlfriend has already bought for me. I told my parents to just get my gift cards for Future Shop or something so I can get myself a DSLR with some of my own money.
  13. FIFA World Cup 2006 Thread

    I saw the final half of the game at a pub, so I would occasionally look over and see someone getting a red card :-P. Did see 3 really good goals (if I remember correctly) and all the highlights as well. Good show 'Roos!
  14. Computer for music storage?

    I need to get an external to get some of the weight off of my laptop. It's so small, but packed with so much stuff.
  15. FIFA World Cup 2006 Thread

    Looks like the U.S.A are going to be going home, poor blokes. The Japanese team needs to win too, not seeing that happening.