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  1. FS: is a 2 year old Sony Vaio VGNFW465jb Black laptop. Unit is USED but in like new condition. Comes with all original Sony Accessories and Sony Box. Runs Windows Vista, Windows 7 Upgrade DVD is included (you will have to install it yourself). For specs please go to asking for $900 includes shipping and insurance. Also comes with 1 year of Square Trade Warranty good till 9/21/2012. Pay pal accepted... Only the 48 USA states please, no foreign countries. If alaska/hawaii residences shipping will cost more. thanks for looking. questions comments? post here....or send to email:
  2. or be patient...and try again.
  3. i bought an HD radio clock/dock for ipod, no FEES, and i love the HD radio much better than traditional FM radio.
  4. my bad, I read it wrong...
  5. for $60, it's not too bad of a free shipping.
  6. yes, it does exactly what you want it to do...
  7. yes, you can use it like a record radio programs or CDs if you like. the unit has a 5 MD changer and 5 CD changer built in. but unfortunately is only SP recording and playback. No, MDLP recording or playback. not sure about the tuner being world band...mine is only AM/FM in the USA. unless i have a different model.
  8. I have this system, still uses a great way to timer record radio programs... I also pondered about selling mine, but I didn't want to bother with shipping.
  9. plus pretty generous of you to offer you free shipping...
  10. ^^ that is why I shy away from international sales...i think you can insure it, i sold someone some MD's, he was in Canada.
  11. if you can get insurance i would get it insured...
  12. can u use a universal one???
  13. i had a similar problem with the remote when I owned the 800, i had bought a brand new remote from ebay, and it wasn't nearly as much as what Sony was asking for. I think it was around $37. I ended up selling the unit altogether. since i was no longer using it.
  14. FWIW, I had bought an AM/FM radio remote for the NHF800 HiMD unit on ebay, it works perfectly and cost half the price Sony was asking for.
  15. if it's only $10, I say go for's not too much of a loss if the seller don't come thru. Not that I had dealt with i don't know.