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  1. MZ-N10 Battery replacement

    Nice work Sphig, thanks for sharing.
  2. MiniDisc JE520 playback problem

    This is actually a very common problem ... The JE520 is SP only, record and playback.  The "home recorded" disc is most likely recorded on some newer device and contains MDLP content. In later units Sony added the ability to record longer on a disc of the same size at a lower quality. You will most likely be able to access the recordings on the disc using an MD player capable of decoding MDLP.
  3. Sonicstage 3.1

    I have one of these great little units.  I suspect the mod was a Sony provided firmware update to allow the unit to play MP3 files. I recall seeing details for sending it in to Sony for the update, you couldn't download and flash it yourself ... I have found that it sounds far superior when playing HiSP (256k ATRAC3plus). The unit definitely works using the SonicStage Ultimate version available in the downloads section here.
  4. Sony MDS-JB 940 Static Mini Disc Player (fault)

    Snap a couple of pictures of the unit internals before you disassemble to use for reassembly.
  5. Should I stop buying MD units?

    You need to stock up on blanks too!
  6. MZ-NH1 Transfer Cable.

    I have always used the two interchangeably.
  7. MZ-R50 battery - mod possible?

    I have two R50 units, love them.  I have few batteries for them from over the years, fortunately also have 2xAA side cars for portable power.  I have smaller lighter units for mobile use however. Some mod could be rigged I am sure.
  8. Debating on downsizing my herd

    It is a very nice collection!   You could offer them up for sale here, or sell them off on eBay.
  9. MDS-JA50ES on ebay

    I was watching that bluecrab and meant to post when I saw that price, you were right on the money!
  10. Problems with MDS-JB980 QS and JVC discs?

    Now that's a difficult offer to refuse!  I, for one, can attest to Stephen's repair skills.  freddyjollo's idea makes sense as well though, maybe you could could replace it with one not as nice (or as expensive) until is is fixed, then you'll have two working decks...
  11. MDS-JA50ES on ebay

    I wish I were in a position myself, but I have to watch and enjoy the show from the outside. :-)
  12. MDS-JA50ES on ebay

    That's a pretty funny description and so true!  Interesting stuff about Gary too.  I am watching this one!
  13. MZ-NF520D, what software?

    Thanks Philippe, you are right, that will allow halo71 to transfer via NetMD and produce a disc readable on the deck.
  14. MZ-NF520D, what software?

    Your portable is newer than the deck you picked up.  The deck only supports recording and playback of ATRAC SP.  If you transferred files from a PC onto discs using the 520 it would have been in some MDLP (and NetMD) format.  You could record something on the deck in SP and playback would work on the 520, but you will never be able to transfer anything via NetMD and get it to play on the older SP only deck.
  15. Sonic Stage/WINE

    VirtualBox in Linux running an old copy of XP would likely work well too.