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  1. Don't forget a RECORD button on the remote!
  2. The thought of making a mic recording on an NH600D reminded me of this scene from Monty Python's Life Of Brian... hope some others will understand.
  3. Something that I don't want to speak too much about. Walls have ears, IMVHO.
  4. sushi

    Remote Search

    Ditto. IMVHO the MC40ELK does its best to please. I know a lot about this. I know a lot about most things, so trust me.
  5. sushi


    Run Simpleburner > CONFIG > settings > untick "system tray startup"
  6. I'm not sure either. I can only say that after 7 years of MD, I've no regrets. MD has proved itself invaluable to me.
  7. Let's look at this as good news. MD is good, Sony will realise and concentrate more on it. I can wait til the end of the year to find out. I'm doing something very important at the moment (let's say, of national security) and won't have much time to care about it until then. Although I'm sure that I'll still find time to log on here regularly, wherever I am!
  8. sushi


    Ok - I finally gave gave my broker the all clear to move some more of my assets over to Sony. WOW! I've no regrets. I've been thru mc11el, mc33l, mc38el hell. Those Tampax shaped things are useless. This is the real thing. This is bullet shaped. This isn't sliced bread - this is extacy with buttons!!! This baby will shoot you dead. It's probably upside-down for left handers, but who gives a. This has even got the right buttons where you instinctively put your fingers. I hope that Sony fired the guy that made this. I hope that they burned him alive! "Splitter!" Imagine a guy in the Sony MD department actually doing his homework. I think I'm gonna have to go for a lie down...
  9. Here is a link to the online manual. If you had typed "mz-r500 manual" in google then you would have found it all by your little self. Welcome to the internet.
  10. sushi

    Rh10 Features

    There are certain things missing and things that you never use in every generation. Even in the pre-generation generation!! It depends on your usage. Decide what you will use it for and which has the required functions.
  11. sushi

    Help Plz!

    Minidick I suggest that you have a good luck around this forum - use the search option. It's probable that you will find the answer to your questions. Maybe there will be a specific point that you don't understand, feel free to come back and ask us. Happy hunting! ps 1. Don't feel embarrassed to revive an old thread. 2. Don't ask 2 questions at the same time.
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