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  1. Weaves

    MD Replacement

    I'm surprised no one brought this up yet. I know it doesn't have everything, but maybe it is a start for the next generation? http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...552921665363914
  2. My guess is that this is what you want: http://cgi.ebay.com/Cable-for-portable-hea...1QQcmdZViewItem There are many more like them on Ebay. Or if you are in the USA and prefer a store: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...egoryNavigation
  3. Hello All, I want to make a cd from a live recording. I want the CD to be played from either PC or card or home deck. However, I also want that cd to included text (ID tags?) when inserted into a computer or home deck. Here are my steps: 1) I recorded a concert using the MZ-N707 in LP. 2) Using Total Recorder, I plugged my MD into PC and recorded. 3) Using Cakewalk Pyro 5 I made the CD. However, I added titles, but they don't appear when CD is in PC. I think I know that the ID tags will only work on MP3 machines (PC, car, etc). Can I only add titles to the CD if I convert to MP3? Can I then burn the MP3 files to a CD using a method where it can be played on home, car or PC? I.e. nomalizing it. Will non-MP3 players not be able to "read" the song titles? i.e. Does it have to be in CD-Text which I dont think I can add. I hope this isn't too confusing. I'm pretty good at the live recording. I don't fully understand getting it from MD to a "universal" CD. Thanks
  4. They are down to $36US per Gig as of now (when buying a 2GB disk). This is quite a reduction since 1 year ago. Also, multiple companies are selling the SD's. As far as I know, Sony is the only one selling the Hi-MD discs. Therefore, you are more likely to see continued price cuts in the SD market. Check out this link from nexttag. Look at the price chart in the upper right corner. http://www.nextag.com/serv/main/buyer/Prod...isk_2_GB_Secure
  5. Yea I know what you guys are all saying. It comes down to this: I am betting between two probabilities: 1) That there will be drastic reductions in cost of SD cards in the next few years. vs. 2) Sony will continue making Hi-MD. To me, it just seems like Sony is doing too little too late. I wish they would just sell off their MD group to Sharp. I will let you know what I decide in the next few months.
  6. At first I thought this new unit would be great. However, the more I think about it, the more I think Sony is dumping their inventory. This is not a revolutionary unit. I am stuck between two options (or maybe three) now: 1) Either suck it up and buy either this one, or the RH10 from Japan. 2) Seriously consider the Edirol ER-9. As a long time MD user (since the Sharp MS702), I think it's time maybe over. hmmmmm, what to do?
  7. Over at head-fi they claim there is a 50 ohm version of the HD595. I don't know if it's true or where you could find them, otherwise Peter is correct.
  8. HG, I think you hit the nail on the head. The problem we have is that they pulled in Stringer from the Entertainment side because that was considered "more profitable" than electronics. But were they more profitable because they put a stranglehold on the electronic division? i.e. "Quit making gadgets that allow our criminals, er customers, to copy the music they buy? My feeling is that Stringer will favor the Entertainment side. I mean they made a nice little gadget in the PSP. It would have been explosive if they would have allowed people to record onto UMD's (either music or movies). Instead, they think people will shell out $40 bucks to buy the same movie twice (one DVD, one UMD). Think again! Look at CES 2006. It's 2006 and all you have to show is e-books?? Give me a break! but again, they want people to buy the content. They don't think of the money as coming from the electronics. As much as I hate to admit, watch Apple introduce something cool in a few weeks.
  9. Kurisu, Have a safe trip. IMHO, I think this one will really tell us Sony's plan with Hi-MD. I think there are three or four options: 1) NO New Models - This would confirm what we have all been thinking and trying to avoid - No more mini disc from Sony.* 2) New Models introduced - Then Hi-MD will be around a bit longer. 3) A re-presenting of the M100 models - Then Sony will probably try converting Hi-MD to a "professional" only type of format. * My own wish is that Sony would just sell this piece of the business to someone else (Sharp!). Best Wishes Weaves p.s. If you get a chance to ask ayone important (not just the marketing people at the booth), ask about the disaster of the new Connect software. I never had many problems with any versions of SS, and 3.3 is great. How could they have gone through all of that before, and still release a beta version of Connect for the new line? Do they even realize how much the crappy software has cost them?
  10. FYI Here is an interesting upcoming hard drive player from Sanyo. It will record directly from CD or MINIDISC player. http://msn.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,123034,00.asp Weaves
  11. Weaves

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    Hey All, I couldn't listen. Is this where minidisc is heading? : http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press/20...930E/index.html Or is it going away? Thanks Weaves
  12. The Stones were just here in Detroit at Comerica Park. In theory, someone could have sat on a roof top across the street, used my SP-CMC-2A mics, SP-SPSB-9 battery, and MZ-N707 to capture the sounds of the city. Considering the rooftop was about 8 stories up and above the traffic sounds, you would have been about level with the speakers, one of which would have been aimed right at you. Not saying anything, just thinking out loud. Weaves
  13. Weaves


    Kurisu, I just tried to use ATRAC Life under this user name (Weaves) and it wouldn't let me log in. Do I need to re-register with a new screen name? Thanks Weaves
  14. Weaves


    Donna, I just had mine for about a week now. I have downloaded one artist (Clumsy Lovers) about six CD's, erased and download another artist (Great Big Sea) about 6 albums so far no problems. Also, the very first thing I did was dowload the 2.0 firmware. This seems to have come out to coincide with SS 3.2. Also, I unchecked the "Start SS when detecting and ATRAC device" option in SS. Thanks for your experience though. This is an awesome little device. Weaves
  15. I have been an MD user since the 90's. I wouldn't compare the Ipod to the MD. I would compare the shuffle to the NW507, which is what I just bought. It is an awesome device. Consider the following: 1) I now can listen to Atrac+256 (no longer called Hi-SP?). Or, up to nine different sizes from 320kbps down to 48kbps. 2) I can have shuffle or regular play. This includes gapless, when I want to listen as the artists intended. 3) It also has an FM receiver built in. 4) Oh yes, the OLED display is awesome. 5) This device is perfect for mowing the lawn (as previously stated) and working out. 6) Sound with my Shure E3's (not the white ones) is awesome. 7) Sonicstage 3.2 is closer to what 1.0 should have been all along. I think the proper comparison would be the Hi-MD to the IPod mini. In which case the Hi-MD also wins. I would rather have 5 or more 1GB disks to exchange than one mini. Plus the whole recording aspect blows Apple away. Just my two cents. Enjoy your shuffle. Weaves p.s. I just noticed the date of your post. SS 3.2 release last week now allows full DRM free uploads. Looks like you missed out by a week.
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