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  1. Storing your Minidiscs?

    Back when minidiscs were popular i purchased some racks unfortunately most were racks where you slot the minidiscs in indivdiually. So i made my own rack to store unused 5 and 10 packs, i posted it on the minidisc community forums but it seems the post never made it here during the merge. My minidisc rack
  2. What have you just bought?

    Proud owner of a Little doggy
  3. Sony MZ-NH1

    Hey guys just thought i'll let you know that i am now able to charge my nh1 with the cradle i purchased from ebay. It was the cradle only so i still required an ac plug, luckily my mz-n10 plug was suitable. Happy days.
  4. eBay MiniDisc Related Listings

    NEW Orange RH10 Very very nice indeed, who's prepared to pay that much for it...
  5. eBay MiniDisc Related Listings

    MD 2000 Was put on ebay...did anyone here buy it? I thought it would have had more bids....then again i notice the seller did not add the word minidisc anywhere in their auction or maybe because it wasnt sealed?? In any case a bargain price compared to what i had to pay for mine
  6. MiniDisc Addiction. Do you have one?

    Yes, we have the same addiction...i keep my blanks sealed Yes gotta have em all..we at least all the pretty ones
  7. eBay MiniDisc Related Listings

    I didn't think you would have opened it hehe. The minidisc looks great, you have also taken a very nice shot of it - deserves to be put in the pictorial page. Its been a while since someone has added pictures to it.
  8. Feedback for Levanel

    Recently traded with Levanel, great communication throughout. Got package in a week, all too easy. Thank you - look forward to dealing with you soon.
  9. Letztes Jahr im Sommer

    Great to deal with, excellent communication throughout. Very very happy with the trade . Look forward to making more trades in the near future.
  10. Sony MZ-NH1

    Hey guys well i purchased the cradle for the nh1 (the cradle does not come with any power lead), hope it turns out well ...if not i may be using my rh1 as a recharger for both units until i can find another alternative
  11. Sony MZ-NH1

    Yes no ebay fees woot! Guys i got this item on the same day it was put up for sale. We meet up and it was all good, great item it feels so good in your hand. Only thing i need to do is buy a charger (going to purchase one on ebay haha) but i also need the power cord/plug lead. I have the n910 and mz-n10 cradles and power cord, i wanted to know if any of these power cords will suit the nh1 - based on pictures i think (hope) the end tip of the n910 would fit into the nh1 cradle which has the skinnier pin plugin?? If anyone could confirm or supply the model number for the power cord of the nh1, it'd be much appreciated. If all else fails i'll get a stand alone charger, i assume the cradles only function is for charging as i can connect to the pc with the usb cables. Cheers, Sami
  12. Sony MZ-NH1

    Cool i'd buy it. I'm also in Sydney Aus
  13. eBay MiniDisc Related Listings

    Yeah minidisc blanks are going to ridiculous amounts these days, in saying that i hope my blanks will generate a fair amount after i've done some trading i'd be looking at selling on ebay.
  14. Blank trades ..

    You will see the design label is placed just below the [eksesiv], in this case this particular design is alien rock . The discs you have is the standard design of the xs-iv series and does not have any design label.
  15. Blank trades ..

    Hi Lev, for the moment i wish to keep all items available for trade only for the discs i have requested in my original post. I am however interested in your sealed barcode 3 pack , i will get back to you soon. Sfbp, yes there are a couple of different designs in the xs-iv line. I believe i have them all if i do not The one up for trade is the ministry of sound design. I like these minidisc designs so much that i have them stuck to my wall, here's a blurry pic of it lol (pics of these disc can be found on the pictorial page - though no Ixkun design)