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  1. I hope your daddy is dead now you fuckwit

  2. TBR is a buyer I'd like to recommend . Very good communication; fast payment. I'd like to thank him for his understanding and patience too, as he had to wait quite a bit until I could handle the business .
  3. The DH10P is a nice collector's item, but as a regular player / downloader it isn't that great. The battery life is pretty poor due to the colour TFT screen, and the 1.3Mp camera is pretty lame compared to those that can be found on modern cell phones...The USB 1.1 transfer speed via a proprietary USB port / docking station isn't such a good idea either. Not to mention charging of the battery via that said dock only too...
  4. A very pleasant chap to deal with; good communication, smooth transaction. Recommended as a buyer.
  5. Excellent communication, very prompt payment. Recommended as a buyer for sure.
  6. Meant to post here earlier. Anyhow, Kain_ is a great person to deal with. Very sympathetic, kind and attentive. Had some business with him recently, and everything went very smooth, even with my extra little requests. We do some Hi-MD trading on the side too.
  7. Been meaning to post here again... Anyhow, another smooth deal with Mr. Rofone Packaging perfect, and extra goodies Some competition for Bland here , recommended too.
  8. Smooth dealing, prompt shipping, well packed items and all as described, perfect. Recommended.
  9. Another smooth deal with Jason. Definitely MiniDisc related this time . Easy and friendly communication, prompt dealing, well packaged parcel, all items as described.
  10. Great seller: smooth dealing, easy transaction, prompt handling and professional packaging. Highly recommended.
  11. Bland = the Blank minidisc man!!!! I award his services the best shopping experience of the year (the decade?) This man even gives special seasonal attentions! You want some new MD? > Bland is the way to go.
  12. Not directly MiniDisc related, but Jason just helped me out with some US-only business; a person to trust; recommended.
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